The Jaguar E-Type (a.k.a. Jaguar XK-E) is a British sports car, manufactured by Jaguar Cars Ltd between 1961 and 1974. Its combination of good looks, high performance, and competitive pricing established the marque as an icon of 1960s motoring. More than 70,000 E-Types were sold.

In March 2008, the Jaguar E-Type ranked first in a The Daily Telegraph online list of the world’s “100 most beautiful cars” of all time. (Source: Wikipedia)


As I am interested in beauty of all sorts – I decided to draw this beautiful car…

  Jaguar 2

Jaguar 4

Some details:

Jaguar details

Ok, just for the record – my house is a mess. I am drawing on the floor, because it is comfortable.

mess 1

Jaguar 1

The painting is actually very large – and it is a present.


There is a  movie I absolutely love – Danger Diabolik (1968), starring John Phillip Law and Marisa Mell. It was an Italian-French film based on one of the coolest comics ever. I like comics, action films etc, but this movie is a class apart from other  movie comics from 60’s, 70’s and 80’s because of the design element. Well, first of all of course the car! No comment needed on that.

dd 10 dd17 dd15

Naturally , he has a black one too: dd45

Secondly, the actors are gorgeous:


dd34  DangerDiabolik19

Stunning beauty Marisa Mell:

dd 7

Thirdly, the interior design is amazing. Imagine, this was in the late 60’s (!!!) and the interior design of his house is today’s modern. I love the glass shower with frosted glass to hide privacy and the red glass boxes to prevent the hair getting wet! Look at the lines!

dd 4 DangerDiabolik-lit dd46

Fourthly, the clothes are pretty stylish too. Seriously, they can be worn today in 2013 and look good:

dd22 dd26 dd29

Fifth reason – the action is really exciting. Robbing banks and world’s most expensive jewelry:

 jaguar-e-type-e-diabolik_14 jaguar-e-type-e-diabolik_12

But mostly, I love the way HE loves HER, the woman of his dreams:

dd03 dd20

And the whole idea, that they are a perfect match – they don’t care about the rest of the world and are self-sufficient. Just the two of them!

While searching for info about the movie, I found a great review post with pictures (so the credit for some pictures goes there) and also some comic style posters here. Check it out, pure awesomeness!

Otherwise, sources: Pinterest, Wikipedia & Telegraph

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