I like cherries, coca-cola and watermelon. I like fashion, design and art. I love the feeling of accomplishing a task – be it a new painting or solving a math problem. I like shopping – it always lifts up the mood and serves as the best relaxation technique. Another excellent relaxation is sport. I occasionally do Pilates, but nothing beats the post-jogging feeling of lightness, energy and positiveness accompanied with a Pepsodent smile. I hate dentists and cold weather. I adore anything by Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen and Gianfranco Ferre. (Although unfortunately, 2 of these geniuses are no longer amongst the living.) Sometimes I am horribly sentimental, but most of the time I try to control myself.  I love turquoise color.  Like the exotic sea water, somewhere far away, where there is NO winter. And white is nice too… and lime green…in fact, I like many colors. Yet, talking black and white – I love watching old movies, especially with Audrey Hepburn.  I love going to the movies; but I wish there was a classical movie theatre that would show movies with Grace Kelly, Alan Delon etc. I adore Mad Men, but no way I would want to live in the 60’s, in the era when women had no say and “sat in the kitchen”. Although, the fashion was beautiful and extremely feminine. I own many pairs of shoes. Very many. Each pair has a name. My 2 favourite pairs of shoes are called “Speechless” and “Stockholm”. They are both red and vertiginous. I love dance music, but also listen to for example Snow Patrol and many others… I like 80’s music too. It has a vibe. Think Miami Vice and Top Gun. Matrix was an amazing movie.  My favourite fairy tale is of course Alice in Wonderland.  I speak 3 languages and study 3 more.   I don’t drink alcohol nor coffee.  I’m workaholic. I love being busy, occupied, fully booked and stressed.  I was probably the first person to have Tom Ford’s perfume “Black Orchid” in Finland. It was not/still isn’t sold here.  I loooove dream interpretation. Those are so fun to read! And I usually have very picturesque dreams with exciting adventures. I have lots of clothes with stripes. Black and white. My bedroom wallpaper is striped too. I hate waking up early in the mornings and am ready to kill my alarm clock each time. I can’t help being an “evening” kind of person, I just don’t want to sleep nor can fall asleep. I don’t like chocolate. I don’t have any tattoos. One day I’m going to be a fashion designer.

* * *


There are 2 types of pictures in this blog:

  1. Pictures found in the world wide web
  2. Taken by me

1) I do not own, nor claim to own the wonderful, inspirational fashion pictures shown in some posts. These pictures are found in the World Wide Web. I respect the artistic work of others and precisely for this reason (and because I admire their work) I wish to include some pictures in my blog as if in a moodboard. Most of the time, it is very hard to obtain the name of the photographer/owner of any images on the internet, thus, I use weheartit.com. This allows to store and archieve images as well as to keep the sources where they were found. Please see my account here.

When especially relevant or required – I share the direct site from which the images are obtained, for example someone else’s official website.  All of the videos are found in YouTube.

2) The pictures of my art, however, are the ones that I have taken. These images are in My ArtBox category throughout the blog as well as undestood from context.  If you like my art and you would like to mention it, please credit me and my blog. There are also pictures which I took myself.

Sincerely yours,