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blue ball 2 blue ball bw ball 2 bw ball 3 bw ball

Testing out my new ink. I am very disappointed by the quality, this is a Winsor & Newton Calligraphy Ink. The reason I am disappointed is because when it is dilluted with water it doesn’t leave any shade. Let me demostrate, see here the flower detail is painted by ink with lots of water. One can clearly see the purple shade when the ink is lighted. In fact, there was a shade of ochra too, brownish, lilac etc.

Parker INK


I need to buy some more Parker Ink I used to have, but I can’t find it anywhere. The search continues…

Meanwhile, here are some illustrations I made:


black 2 black 3


bow 2 bow 3 bow

Collage of all works

 collage 1




feather 1 feather 2

Vanity (i reeeeeeeally love this one)

vanity 1 vanity 2 vanity 3


zebra 2 zebra 3 zebra 4 zebra

Sundae as in the hot pink raspberry colored accents…

smoking 2

Ruby necklace 3 Ruby necklace smoking 1

feather hat 3 feather hat 2 feather hat 3

prada  2

prada 3


gff 2 gff 3 gff full gff landscaperhh 2 rhh


vogue 1


vogue detail

vogue 2


chanel allure

 chanel allure. 2JPG

CHANEL night

chanel black

chanel black 2

chanel black 3


feathers 2

feathers 3



prada  1

prada  2

A former colleague of mine has two beautiful daughters. He commissioned illustrations of them as Christmas presents.  Some flowers, glitter and shades of pink:

girlsgirl 3

girl 2

original 1 girl 21 girl 22Original 2

Based on the photos:

girl 2 double

girl 1 double

I have recently participated in the Snail Mail My Email project.



Drawing heart-warming letters, full of beautiful, sentimental, kind and thankful messages on behalf of caring and loving people turned out to be a great thing to do during the cold November evenings. Here are some samples of what I drew:

Letter 1:

Flower petals. There is a big blower jumping out from the girl’s bag! :)

letter 1_1

Due to privacy reasons, I don’t want to show the content. letter 1_3

letter 1_4

Letter 2: Fairies

letter 2


Letter 3: Lipstick KiSS

letter 3

letter 3_3

Letter 4: Flower petals

letter 4_2


Letter 5: Perfume bottle

chanel bottle

letter 5_3

letter 5_4

Letter 6: Love letter with perfume bottle

letter 6

Letter 7: Chanel card

chanel card (1)

Letter 8: Lipstick KISS

letter 8 letter 8_1

I have been super busy, therefore, a bit late with this post – but here are all of the paintings from the recently held exhibition.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in any of the available ones (X-mas is on its way!).

1. V


2. Chanel

chanel 1

           3. Salmiakki


4. Ballerina-like (available)


5. Piano (available)


6. Pink Pop

pink pop

7. Ice-cream colors (available)


8. Ghost


9. Chanel No. 5

chanel 2

Collage of 8 smaller paintings:

pic 3

- Red couture (available)

red alert

- Feather hat 1 (close up). (available)

feather hat 1 close up

- Blue (available)


- Orchid (available)


- Pini

pini full size

- Fierce (available)

Red queen

- Helen

earring 7

- Feather hat 2 (pic missing)

- – – – -


* Flower bomb 1 (available)

flower bomb 1

* Flower bomb 2

flower bomb 2

pic 5


From left to right:

* Iris         * Cherry (available)         * Vogue          *Sophia (available)

exhibition 8

Coco Chanel & Miss Dior Cherie green (available)



pic 7


* Armani Haute Couture 1 & 2 (available)

Armani 1

Armani 2

Hurry up! Send your letter (love letter, season’s greetings, note to say hi  – anything) to this amazing international collaborative art  project!

snailmailmyemailsnailmailmyemail 2

  1. Go to
  2. Write your greeting
  3. Include the address it goes to

AND Voila! An artist somewhere in the world will beautifully hand-write it for you. I am one on the volunteer artists in this year’s project. And I have to say, this is the coolest volunteer project I have ever been involved with.

Hurry up! It’s for one week only (Nov. 11-17, 2013)!!!

Br, Olesja

My love for black & white and everything Chanel…chanel 1 chanel 2

 pic 2

pic 22

coco bottle 2

Here are some perfume bottle illustrations I made. The size is 50 cm * 70 cm, so they are pretty large. What’s cool about them, is that these are made on wood panels. The parts where the liquid is supposed to be are not colored in or slightly tinted, so that one can see the wood pattern. It looks like liquid. I really like these, even if I say so myself. This technique turned out great!

chanel n 5

coco bottle 2

pic 4


  you can see the pattern well on this close-up:



miss dior

  •   Chanel No. 5
  • Chanel COCO
  • Miss Dior Cherie (pink)
  • Miss Dior Cherie (green)

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