The amazing photo shoot for Prestige with Yasmin Le Bon. She is 48. As Alicia Keys would say: “This girl is on FIRE!!!”


Pic credit via here

The Jaguar E-Type (a.k.a. Jaguar XK-E) is a British sports car, manufactured by Jaguar Cars Ltd between 1961 and 1974. Its combination of good looks, high performance, and competitive pricing established the marque as an icon of 1960s motoring. More than 70,000 E-Types were sold.

In March 2008, the Jaguar E-Type ranked first in a The Daily Telegraph online list of the world’s “100 most beautiful cars” of all time. (Source: Wikipedia)


As I am interested in beauty of all sorts – I decided to draw this beautiful car…

  Jaguar 2

Jaguar 4

Some details:

Jaguar details

Ok, just for the record – my house is a mess. I am drawing on the floor, because it is comfortable.

mess 1

Jaguar 1

The painting is actually very large – and it is a present.


There is a  movie I absolutely love – Danger Diabolik (1968), starring John Phillip Law and Marisa Mell. It was an Italian-French film based on one of the coolest comics ever. I like comics, action films etc, but this movie is a class apart from other  movie comics from 60′s, 70′s and 80′s because of the design element. Well, first of all of course the car! No comment needed on that.

dd 10 dd17 dd15

Naturally , he has a black one too: dd45

Secondly, the actors are gorgeous:


dd34  DangerDiabolik19

Stunning beauty Marisa Mell:

dd 7

Thirdly, the interior design is amazing. Imagine, this was in the late 60′s (!!!) and the interior design of his house is today’s modern. I love the glass shower with frosted glass to hide privacy and the red glass boxes to prevent the hair getting wet! Look at the lines!

dd 4 DangerDiabolik-lit dd46

Fourthly, the clothes are pretty stylish too. Seriously, they can be worn today in 2013 and look good:

dd22 dd26 dd29

Fifth reason – the action is really exciting. Robbing banks and world’s most expensive jewelry:

 jaguar-e-type-e-diabolik_14 jaguar-e-type-e-diabolik_12

But mostly, I love the way HE loves HER, the woman of his dreams:

dd03 dd20

And the whole idea, that they are a perfect match – they don’t care about the rest of the world and are self-sufficient. Just the two of them!

While searching for info about the movie, I found a great review post with pictures (so the credit for some pictures goes there) and also some comic style posters here. Check it out, pure awesomeness!

Otherwise, sources: Pinterest, Wikipedia & Telegraph

It has been long time since I have made an inspirational mood board post – so here it is! It’s enormous again. But trust me – this is my treasure box – it took ages to collect all of these stunning pictures and also very long time to arrange pictures in specific order. To celebrate the beautiful side of winter – here it is:

If I were a Snow Queen I would wear a crystal necklace everyday and would eat snowflakes for breakfast…


crystal 5

crystal 19

 I would surround my house with mirrors…crystal 22

crystal 11

face 2

… and would wear glitter and shine all the time…

glitter 3

crystal 101

… my nails would be silver…


mirror 5

necklace 2

crystal 2

… silver would be also my shoes…


… there would never be “too much” of crystals…

Dries Van Noten backstage at Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2013 Collections

…that icy look, piercing through you…

crystal 3


crystal 7

… and a very cold kiss…


mirror 2

…my armor to shield and hide from emotions…

mirror 3

mirror 7

ice 4

ice 5

…carrying piece of ice with me…

crystal 1111

crystal 100

ice 3

…experimenting with fashion in an icy way to suit a Snow Queen…


plastic 4

plastic 2


white off 25



broch 3

ear 2

chandelier 2

flake 4

crystal 8

…everything to remind me of ice…

crystal 17

pearls 21

pearls 3

pearls 2


face 3

…a chilly kind of beauty…

face 6

glitter 2

… vanity is my favorite sin…


crystal 14

white off 23

white off 26

collar 7

flake 3

pearls 4

white off 21

…white fur…


fur 3

fur 5


… this is such a STUNNING photo… miaow!


my castle 3

fur 6

white off 6

flake 5

…couldn’t imagine life without Chanel…

white off 2

crystal 9

plastic 3

collar 4

broch 2

white off 5

white off 22

fur 2

ice 2


white off 4

face 4

white off 3

white off 7



my castle 2

my castle 4


interior 2

ice 8


white off 41

flake 31

crystal 4

chandelier 3      collar  broch         flake 4


face 1

my castle

flake 2


ice 7

(Note! The sources of the pictures are in Pinterest board)

mk collage




* * *

MK_2_midi   MK_2

face 1

face 2

Pic credit: Mary Katrantzou FB

An illustration of the beautiful Pini:

pini full size

pini 1

pini 2

pini close_up

pini close_up_2 pini details  pini mix 2

pini mix pini smaller

There is an art project I bumped into in Facebook – Selfless Portraits:


Basically, the app lets you upload you profile pic for being drawn and then you receive somebody else’s picture to draw. You have 48 hours to complete it. I got a picture of Lara:


Here is my illustration:

pic 1

pic 2

Can’t wait to get mine!!

Cheers, O.

Hello there! Here are some illustrations of how I styled Mary Katrantzou clothes.

Be my Valentine


Wonderful red wedges and cute charm bracelet. Yes, Valentine’s day is on its way.

valentine close_up_shoes

Please note the lace eye-liner

valentine close_up

The dress.

that wonderfull dress

* * *

Business Chic

business chic 1

The details (which took a while to draw):

business chic 1_details

Lady #1

business chic 1_2 bright

The face close-up:

business chic lady 1_close up

How cool does she look??!

business chic lady 1

The amazing skirt:

MK jade-and-sky-printed-silk-tulip-skirt_1Lady # 2

business chic 2_2 bright

She is wearing a pale/nude pink see-through blouse:business chic 2 close_up

This printed skirt is sooo stunning!


I took a picture in the dark so you can see my favorite golden ink:

business chic 1 in the dark

* * *

Casual smart

ladies 34_2   ladies 3_2

the golden boots!

ladies 3 _ shoes_in the dark

ladies 3 _ shoes

The clothes used here are:

 MK graphic print dress

MK Runway

What do you think?

(Picture sources: Pinterest & Mary Katrantzou Facebook)

Totally in love with my latest hair color, I really hope it stays!



Sometimes being an ordinary golden blonde is boring, so I am not really scared of experiments. Here are some of my favorites documented:


pink hair-side 2

It was nice that the color was not equally distributed, so there were several shades of pink and lilac:

pink hair-side

This is silver. Unfortunately it did not stay for very long.But then again I don’t have that many grey clothes to wear.

silver ash

And this was very cool – steel colored! It, too, was washed of pretty soon, but it was so worth it!

silver head

Now I am really really interested in getting dark grey, but I have to find the right dye. Usually all special dies are really hard to find. I am looking for something like this:

dark grey

And then I could gradually move into grey-ish blue like this:

greyish blue

And then finally be brave enough to color it whole blue – this is absolutely amazing:

blue 1

To be honest, as much as I am willing to experiment with hair color, whole blue at the moment is out of my comfort zone. At the moment, I am really interested in this kind of sophisticated light ICY blue color like on these pictures:

icy blue 1 icy blue 2

But that is either a wig or photoshopped, because trust me, having experimented with color A LOT, I am telling you that it is impossible to get such long hair colored perfectly with no tints and shades into one light color. It would involve such advance bleaching, that the hair would no longer be alive. And when blue is in bits and pieces, most of the time it looks very “teenager”-cheap, kind of rebel punk type. That is why, I used word sophisticated in the description of the above icy shades.

Below are also examples of how the blue hair can potentially look like. But I think these examples are too dark for me, they are on the “brunette” side more.

dark blue 2 dark blue

The effect I am looking for is when the blue hair color emphasizes the blue eyes. Like gorgeous Chandra North is demonstrating here. Chances are this is photoshopped, nevertheless – AMAZING:


And who know, maybe one day I will finally have the guts to try turquoise hair…?


The pictures’ sources can be found in Pinterest

My illustrations of Heidi Tuominen of the Searching for the Little Black Dress blog:

 pretty 2

pretty 3

pretty 1

* * *

neon 2

neon 1 close_up  NEON heidi 22

* * *

heidi  1

heidi  1 close_up

Original photos by Aleksandr Lazarevski (website):

 Photo neon Photo prettyPhoto black

* * *

Two illustrations are actually done on the same piece of paper:


 I am super satisfied with my new camera – as you can see, quality is much better now. More about this in the next post. But, check out how cool these are. I took pictures in a very dark room with little lighting. The neon paints turned out amazing – like they glow in the dark!

double in the dark  in the dark

This is also taken in the dark.

heidi blue

My latest illustration. This is a portrait of my friend Anna Z. and her friend drawn from their photograph. Beautiful girls and an amazing photo.

Anna Z full

Anna Z_close up 0

Close up of Anna:

Anna Z_close up 2

Anna Z_close up 11

Close up of her friend:

Anna Z_close up 3

Anna Z_close up 22

 Here is the original photo:


See the similarity:

photo 2

My dad recently bought me a book on drawing and also sometime ago he bought me excellent studio pencils, so I have been really excited testing them with some new skills.


I really like these kinds of head pieces, national Ukrainian with bright red poppies. I already have made few illustrations with similar, like for example “Autumn”:



And also poppies are pretty. Here is an illustration with famous Marimekko’s “unikko” pattern (unikko means poppy in Finnish):


Marimekko Unikko (pic via here )

Unikko 11

Poppies (pic via here)


Good music is timeless, right?

I have a thing for Sade’s “No ordinary love”. I have already mentioned my love for the music video in my post about mermaids  Metamorphosis//Mermaid . It is like a fairytale. But recently I have found few covers of the song, which I think are also absolutely amazing, too. I am usually skeptical about covers – if something is already a classic, it takes a lot to reach the standard as high. But these are great versions!!

So here is the original by Sade:

I love Richard Marx, beautiful voice and this version has a bit of  “Twin Peaks” -sound to it in the beginning.

Sweet Coffee’s version is very romantic too:

And even found a faster version with the vocals of amazing Sherrie Lea and the magic touch of Kyau vs Albert. A state of trance, literally:

31st of December. Wow! The year went fast! And it was so exciting – so many things happened!!! My own exhibition, new career and education developments, amazing travel destinations (Fallingwater!), some burned bridges and lost friends – but luckily many new friends, too (even a  virtual one)!

September was officially the worst month of my life. Everything went wrong.

But then, something absolutely unexpected happened in November. All I can say – I am really looking forward to the start of new year.

And then in 2012 I also started a new hobby. It is really cool, I love it, one might think the choice is very unexpected for a girl like me, but I enjoy it enormously. Unfortunately, I’m not really good at it yet, though. That is why I won’t reveal what it is, but it will be a new year promise to practice regularly and become better and only then I will post some pictures.

Do you make NYE promises? The occasional “lose weight”, “quit drinking and smoking” etc. Do those who make the promises actually fulfill them? I hate making promises I can’t keep. Thus…

I’m going to make only the ones that are fun, so it is really easy to fulfill them. Here we go:

  1. Draw more often. Every second day (?). Even a little.
  2. Try to travel more, and always keep a camera in the pocket
  3. Continue regularly practicing that new hobby of mine
  4. Search for new music and visit live-gigs and concerts
  5. Spend more time with friends
  6. Learn to cook tasty stuff (I absolutely cannot cook, but if I start with smoothie, cake, and salad recipes, that should be fun, right?)
  7. Arrange more parties for friends (why not try to show off those new cooking skills?)
  8. And of course some health related activities like learn to eat breakfast, learn to sleep (and really stop hanging out till 2 or 3 and whine every morning how tired you are)
  9. Shop less, prefer quality over quantity and really start wearing more of all those clothes… it seams I wear 20% of my wardrobe. So yes, be more stylish!
  10. Maybe even post some outfits in the blog. I have not really done this, because I am shy about it. But maybe that is one way to be creative too.
  11. Get rid of useless things, clothes, furniture. More space for living. At the moment especially my kitchen table is a disaster, with all the painting attributes.
  12. Finally, go to the doctor to run some thorough tests to find the reason for the regular food allergy. I’m tired of it!
  13. Be nice to parents!
  14. Get a kitten!!!
  15. Let go of the previous disappointments, old habits, old memories, states of being offended. After all, one has to move on. It is such a relief to say out loud that something is SO LAST SEASON or SO 2012!

I am sure there will be more items invented along the way in 2013, so a really good advice is to be open-minded and try new things. But before I move on, for the very last time, I choose consciously  to drown in some memories, own sentimentality and melancholy. The science of feeling lonely. AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER.

a promise.

cary grant





greys 2


mad men

happy 2


kiss 3



kiss 2

kiss 5




virna lisi

roman holiday


kiss 22

in car

in car 2





kiss 4

david downton


kiss 33

  276267758361546624_hatZJUAl_b  at his apartment    david downton 22

sensual 2   wake up

the couple



he turned away

what am i going to do


(no, i don’t own these images, except for one with veil collar. the sources are found in Pinterest on  boards: Gentlemen, Illustrations & An affair to remember)



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