Preen. Its a love story.

I found a new direction, and it leads back to me. In other words, Preen is new to me, but it’s something I always loved. I adored the last collection!

(Here you can find some more:,8929)

Being very impressed, I checked their webpages and realized that I tend to like everything they have previously done. Everything. (Should I feel ashamed of not knowing Preen before, even though the duo has been around for quite a while?!)

But yess, I loved every piece of every collection on their website! Amazing work.  Talking from consumer perspective – I can definately see myself as a Preen woman and wear any item they make.  This goes to “my favourite designers” -list immediately.  

How do you define who your favourite designer is? I like many designers.  But favourite are those  – of which I love each and every piece. This is what happened with Preen. Its a love story!


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