I like beautiful silhouettes. I think it is so easy to see beautiful lines, curves… Although, less artistic people will probably disagree. I have been painting quite much recently, but I can’t post anything, because I lost my USB cord required to transfer pics from camera to laptop. So for now, you have to be satisfied with these great inspirational shots I found.

I don’t consider Helena Christensen the most gorgeous of all super models. In fact, I do not really like her figure (more feminine with waspish waist is my cup of tea) nor do I particularly like her face shape (more oval  and fragile is my kind of look).  Moreover, she is a brunette – I like blondes. But, as universally known – beauty is a relative concept. What some consider beautiful, others don’t.

However, to judge her professionalism, she is truly an excellent model:  extremely photogenic, diverse in posing and looks. No denying in that. I think the photos below are amazing. A bit avant-garde, stylish, geometric, futuristic. The look of a strong, confident and independent woman.

These photos are for Triumph Lingerie Design competition and my favourites are :

Design 1:  Suzanne Ferncombe from Ireland

Design 2: Nikolay Bojilov from Bulgaria

Desing 3: Isolde Mayer, Austria  

Design 4: Peet Dullaert, the Netherlands 



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