Beautiful Encounter


It is a mundane Monday evening. 20 minutes ago I was bored, tired and exhausted after long working day. And then I stumbled upon the most gorgeous love story I’ve seen for ages. I am swept away. I want to be in this movie.

Away We Stay

starring Helena Christensen and David Gandy on beautiful streets of London



First Encounter

It’s a date (David on the background)

Wait, don’t go

First Kiss

She waits

He doesn’t come


Here is the link to YouTube:


I love beautiful encounters. When words are not needed. When you feel “it”,  just when your eyes catch the look of a beautiful stranger. The breathing becomes intense because you feel connection. There is no space to feel shy or awkward. You are on the same wave lenght…

The movie has quite good quotes:

– I don’t give second chances

– Let’s pretend we are in love

This really made my day!!!!

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