Beginnings of things…

Sometimes, when looking for a new direction or contemplating the next move, it is good to have a look at your starting point.

I haven’t been drawing for a while again…so to inspire myself, I decided to check older works I have. I cannot even remember when this picture was drawn, but I remember for sure –  it was the very first pixel piece I ever made on my computer. I remember that day: I sat down in front of my PC after school, chewing an apple, opened Paint and grabbed a mouse.  It was raining. And here is the result:

I am still convinced it is one of the best pictures I’ve ever drawn. Especially, because of its style. I don’t usually drawn in it, it is a bit comic book-like (think Japanese comics). Later on, once on MTV (when it actually still had music videos, instead of reality shows) I saw this very cool graphic music video – Dark Globe’s Break My World, and thought that it was amazing. Somehow, the song’s  mood reminds of the pic. Enjoy!


The original music video is here (remixed):



But this version of the song is  MUCH better:


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