“Inspiration is not a copy but a starting point”, said Karl Lagerfeld when talking about Chanel Pre-Fall 2011’s styled to illustrate the decadence of Byzantine times.  Karl Lagerfeld has always been a very wise man.  I love what he does for Chanel . In fact, I like any of the projects he dives into.

But, indeed, what a starting point Chanel is! Everybody has own frame of reference what a starting point can be.

Chanel – it’s a lifestyle. In a way, I am a bit disappointed that every second girl wears fake pearls from H&M,  white collar shirt, square-stitched black bag of fake leather with golden chain… It is so average these days. I think that staying true to this style was way cooler in the times of real Coco. She was not only a trendsetter, but clearly ahead of her time.  When the rest of the women were still into over-feminine,  sometimes uncomfortable clothes (think corsets, frills, lacing, flowery prints etc etc etc) – she offered an alternative.

She must have been a remarkable woman. Brave, strong, modern, forward-oriented.  How trustworthy the biography movies are by the way? “Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky” was a very stylish movie. Good-looking actors, beautiful clothes. But the most impressive, was the interior. I fell in love with the wall-paper:


But this one, like 3D cubes, is mind-blowing!!


Did they really have that kind of wallpaper back then? Did Coco have that kind wallpaper?

When I was renovating my apartment, I tried to find that kind of geometric prints, but unfortunately there weren’t too many options available. (And I could not afford in terms of time waiting for an internet order). But I found my perfect match :)


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