HURTS – appreciation of melancholy

One of the best things that happened in 2010 is that I discovered Hurts. This pop-duo, consisting of Theo & Adam, is amazing. They are so young  (respectively born in 1986 & 1984) and super talented. In fact, in one interview they said they have never made music before 2006. And look at them now! They are taking over the world.

One of the best things that has already happened in 2011 is that they had a gig in Helsinki and I went to see it. To say that I had high expectations is not enough – they are mind-blowing!. Theo’s voice live is even better. His voice is very strong, but what’s more important he puts such an emotion in his singing…it gives me chills! Next day I went to buy their album. They so deserve to be successful!

They had an opera singer as a back-up, how cool is that?! You know, how it is trendy to advertise everything as an experience. Experience a country, good customer service, delicious restaurant,  smooth car driving and even mascara. Well, their gig was truly an experience. The lightning, the mood,  the music (classic piano and opera), the flower, the outfits and style…

I have a new phone – Nokia C7 and luckily it has such a great camera. I am a very satisfied owner of a bunch of pictures and videos from the gig.

But check out Theo singing live (honestly, I cannot decide which is my favourite track, all are great):

And they sang my favourite of Kylie Minogue’s songs “Confide in me”:

 Unbelievable, but this is the only Kylie’s song I actually had on mp3. So I new the lyrics and sang along. ;) Great minds alike – apparently Hurts also like the song.

Boys are very stylish. I like their image. What did I wear to the gig you may ask? Voila, just to fit their style and video:

Shot from music video “Better than love”:


And this is my outfit to match!


Suit Jacket

Silk nude shirt underneath + black legging and wedges.


And now Im going back to listening to their album and maybe tonigh I will have a dream about them!

Photos from the gig:



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