Addicted to Jan Burton’s voice

On my current dance music top list there are 3 songs:

  • Super8 & Tab – Empire (the gig I was at in Nov 2010, see post here)
  • Morgan Page feat. Jan Burton – I’ve had friends
  • Eric Prydz – Niton

The funny thing is, that all three songs have vocals by the same person Jan Burton!! I didn’t know that and just realized it this weekend!

I suppose it is equivalent to “love” at first sight. You know you like something when you see it. (Or hear it, in this case).

So here are the songs:

Eric Prydz  – Niton (the coolest music video at the moment by the way):

Morgan Page – I’ve had friends:

Super8 & Tab – Empire:


I did some googling for “Jan”. There was not much info available, but he is involved in band Syntax: and I found some amazing treasures, music-wise, in Youtube. Check this out – I’m speachless!!!

This is mind-blowing!

I really want to get hold of their album: Meccano Mind. Pretty stylish cover I must admit.

This is cool too – Sexograph:

And the latest Jan-related project is Fatal

And some more info found here:


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