Here is my latest picture, Marquise:

Few comments about the pic:

  • of course a blonde
  • yes, the shirt is unbuttoned all the way. With body like that, she hardly needs to cover up…
  • the boots were invented in my head. The golden parts are shiny leather. The pink/nude parts are suede. The beads are golden studs. The ochra part is leather. The heel didn’t fit in the pic, but it would be a thin very high stiletto. A little bit theatrical design, I know, but then again I don’t want to be plain grey boring.

Work in progress: 

The picture above explains the reason why I almost never host dinner parties for my friends at my place – because my table looks like this most of the time. (In addition to the fact of course that I absolutely cannot cook). Actually, several corners of my apartment look like that:

 p.s. If you ever see a pair of boots like that, tell me where I could get them.

Cheers, O.


2 thoughts on “Marquise

  1. I really like your style here. The face in itself is really striking. I also like the contrast of white space to colour!

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