The Tail of a Fairy

I finally watched the film by Karl Lagerfeld.  It is not hard to guess that a good model does not necessarily mean a good actress (not to name anyone specifically).  Yet, Kristen McMenamy has quite an unpleasant intonation in her voice, but then again it suited very well the character she portrayed: greedy, shallow, bitter, opportunist… Luckily, Anna Mouglalis stole the show and saved the movie.

The plot is just the way I like it. A fairy-tale. Good things happen to good people. I am very happy for Anna’s character, who was soul-wise the most beautiful person. She found love AND fortune. I never got this, why do you have to be either lucky in love or have money, but not both?! In fairy-tales one does not have to settle for one option nor choose. But the order is very important: 1) love and only later 2) fortune.

Best things about the movie:

  • Happy ending – life and destiny are fair after all.
  • Bianca Balti – few seconds lasting shot on the beach. OMG this girl is gorgeous!
  • A very beautiful house & car – ;) one day I will get those too (the car I had in my dreaming post)



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