GEM. Primary function SIREN.

Tron: the Legacy is a movie worth seeing.  And now, I am a happy owner of a dvd which I am planning to see at least 15 times (Not in a row though).

Daft Punk in DJ booth playing “Derezzed” of course. A mind-blowing fight scene:

My favourite character is a siren named Gem, played by Beau Garrett. 

Here is clip of sirens dressing Sam:

  • hey,’s got a zipper…
  • attention, program! You will receive an identity disk

  • What am I supposed to do? 
  • Survive.

I went to a theme swimming-pool party few months ago. I just had to do Gem’s make up!My outfit was pretty futuristic too, but sorry, I don’t have pics from the party itself.  This is probably 7 am after the after-party.

p.s. I love all that torquoise!

p.s.2. How about some TRON inspired futuristic fashion?

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