Thierry Mugler

I’m continuing with futuristic looks in my posts. I’ve always loved Thierry Mugler. I remember still the very first time I saw as a teenager George Michael’s video “Too Funky” with stunning supermodels. Emma Sjöberg wore this silver metal outfit with helmet and gloves! It is remarkable how such stiff material, as shiny cold metal, can look so feminine and sexy if  proportionally shaped on a perfect body.


Evgenia Volodina in Beauty Latex Mirror by Thierry Mugler

Did you know that Thierry studied classical dance and when he was a teenager he joined Opéra national du Rhin? I have this theory that exactly because of this, corset is so important in his silhouette of a woman. He has high appreciation for aesthetics and amazing sense of proportion. Ballet is an excellent example of aesthetics, that perfect state of a body. (Read: low fat, strong, flexible, healthy). Many photographers use expression “beautiful bone structure” when describe someone photogenic. One fashion designer, I don’t remember who exactly, when describing a beautiful model said:  “she has a beautiful skeleton”. No matter how brutal that sounds, it is true. Feminine body means thin waist. The waist is thin if the rib cage is narrow. Thus a beautiful skeleton! (No wonder Cher had a surgery to remove some lower ribs…)



I have this one Mugler vintage jacket – it’s like second skin. I can hardly breathe in it, but I don’t need to, right ;) ?

It is from a non-stretch material and has Mugler signature stars on the buttons. Oh, I like stars ..


 Few things I don’t like about Mugler: perfumes (really not my type of scents, too sweet and suffocating) and choice of campaign models. I never understood the logic behind it… Anyways, this girl is definately elegant enough for Haute Couture is:

And here is something more futuristic:

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