Vincent and other saints

Long time ago, say in 2004, I bought a book which left a deep  impact on me.  It was Fashionize: The art of Fashion Illustration by Delicatessen.

That is how I fell in love with the beautiful perspective on this world of Vincent Bakkum. Ever since, he remains one of my the most favourite artists in this universe. See for yourself:

Vincent is clearly a lover of lines, he celebrates the sensuality of the curve, as form. Vincent is clearly a lover of la femme, and he celebrates her form with strong, lucid, attentive, seductive lines. His creations are not faithful re-representations but what feels right… – Jeff Bickert

I asked Vincent for an interview and he invited me to visit his studio.  He showed me his art pieces and told me his story,  how he became an artist. I vividly remember his words: For me painting is easy. It is so easy to see beauty and draw beautiful lines... I felt so honoured that he found time for a meeting. This was in 2005, but I still keep his precious email somewhere in my inbox. He kindly gave me a copy of his portfolio as well as a signed copy of a poster of one of my favourite pieces – Red Shoes:

If you have read Chehov (Uncle Vanja), there is this quote: В человеке должно быть все прекрасно: и лицо, и одежда, и душа, и мысли. Translated as – In a person, everything must be beautiful: the face, the clothes, the soul and the thoughts. Well, Vincent is one of those rare people who fits into this category fulfilling all criteria:

Despite everything in my work baring the taut-skin of youth, death and decay remain my central themes. Naturally young girls are as perishable as freshly-caught fish or just-picked fruit. Nothing is more transitory than the short season of youth. She is the mirror in which I see myself decaying.

Please visit Vincent Bakkum site here –


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