White lights

I would describe this thing like a light. A spot of consciousness. It feels like light.


Like I was light. 

This is a quote and images from Nike – Les Jumelles ad, work of Joseph Kosinski. Joseph Kosinski  is an American television commercial and feature film director best known for his computer graphics and computer generated imagery work (as Wikipedia puts it).  He is the man behind amazing design and graphics of the Tron: Legacy movie. After watching few interviews related to Tron I learned about his appreciation of aesthetics. Joseph Kosinski has background in architecture, so it is not surprizing the design of visual detail has been granted that much effort and attention. When I saw the breath-taking interior of Kevin Flynn’s house I wanted to move in there:

I love everything about it: glass, lights, chrystal chandeliers, the white, the mixture of modern design and old-fashioned curves on those chairs, the swimming pool with lights, the combination of cave walls with more polished surfaces… I have some elements of this style in my apartment:


I was inspired to write this post, as yesterday was a very sunny day and my fabulous Czech chrystal chandelier left picturesque shadows on the wall along with blinds. Too bad, this picture quality is so poor you cannot see the surface of the wall. It is 2 layer pearl/silver paint with  hand-made (!) pattern:

 Here you can see a bit of the surface:

And I love the design of rare Nokia 7600, eye-shape form. I keep it as an interior decoration next to perfumes on a mirror table:


Indeed, I was really impressed by the interior in the movie. So yes, coming back to Joseph Kosinski.  I checked out his site, he has a variety of his works exhibited there. I picked out some images that caught my eyes:

On the left, my chrystal lamp, on the right – the lamp from the Nike ad:


Here is the Nike Les Jumelles ad:

Some samples of graphic design work of Joseph:


Credit for Tron interior: here & here

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