What’s a miaow-miaow?

I found a treasure, a real treasure! Cat-eye sunglasses from Polaroid’s retro collection. As my ex-cat would say: “Miaow, miaow, miaow”

I absolutely adore anything Tom Ford touches and these are stunning (makes me want to wear glasses!):

The shape is also available in sunglasses – Nikita model. But I like in general this retro cat-eye shape many brands use:

The stunning Dioni Tabbers!

The purrr-fect Marilyn:

I have already similar vintage glasses with shiny chrystals and also a pair from Mango’s last year collection:

So for now, my collection is complete:

 p.s. “What a miaow miaow?” is a phrase from THOR movie. Well, actually, it is “What’s a Mjolnir?”, but the girl has problems pronouncing it. We went to see THOR 3D on the weekend. It was superb, I strongly recommend! But more about that sometime in another post. Cheers, O.


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