Torquoise sea water

I have to survive few more weeks before my summer vacation. And the weather outside is grey and cloudy. Time to do some dreaming… in shades of my favourite color:





 Mermaid illustration by me:

Photo below by Martin Philip:

I really want to color my hair torquoise:

Some of my illustrations with torquoise:

My top 6 favourite music videos (including some sea/aquarium water):

  1. Chicane – Saltwater (makes me dream away from this world)
  2. Sade – No ordinary love (this is probably all time favourite video ever!)
  3. Duran Duran – Come Undone (gets under my skin)
  4. Navigators – Come Into My Life (I love the way she moves)

Credit: weheartit, YouTube, Felix Lammers, & here & here & here

6 thoughts on “Torquoise sea water

    1. Yeah, quite haute couture! I’ve never seen a torquoise wedding dress before. I dont know if this one is for sure, but could definately be.

  1. Hi olesja, thanks for ur nice comment @taptaptap blog..just wanna say hi n thank you :D , n go die ur hair…u’ll look cool, hope so :) if it not work just try another color haha..

    1. Thank you Martin! :) Your photo was by far the coolest from all of the ones mentioned there.

      To be honest, I am a bit scared to show up at the office with torquoise hair…I suppose I have to stay with more conservative colors.

      Have a nice day!

      1. Wow..i’m honoured :) thanks..Torquoise cool color but bit tricky , i sign up email for ur new post :) keep it coming! See yaa..

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