Vacation & Summer Sound Festival

What is a good summer vacation made of? Well, I cannot speak for all, but mine is definitely made of:

friends, parties, sleeping late, jogging, watermelon and cherries, movies and books, very late dinners, absence of the alarm clock, no work emails, not reading the news, enjoying sunshine, testing the bikinis bought in spring, shopping on weekdays, terraces with palm trees, tropic nights, sweaty dance parties, fruity cocktails, bright colors like fuchsia and torquoise, summery frilly silk dresses, sunglasses, bicycle, walks on the beach… did I mention PARTIES? :) And yesssss, very good music.

Yesterday, the most amazing summer party (ever) took place in Helsinki – Summer Sound festival. Imagine – Kaskade, Chicane and Above&Beyond all playing in the same event. Ecstatic! Here are my blurry (yet precious) bits of memories:


Something Good:


Robbie Rivera:

TRON moment:


Above & Beyond:


And live, it all feels like this:

Video credit: josekas1000


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