Paris through my camera lens

I have so many pictures! And yet, it is impossible to experience the whole of Paris in four days. I tried to fit all of the memories into my tiny camera. Here are some of them. I am sure there will be plenty of times I will be scrolling through this post myself this winter. But yes, this was a great vacation…and Paris, I will be waiting for our next rendez-vous.







5 thoughts on “Paris through my camera lens

  1. Loving the little Barbie car moment in between the pink shoes. Also, did the fellow really serve yout the angry bird on a plate? :)

    – M

    1. Haha! Yep, the Barbie moment was perfect :). I loved that car. With someone without driver’s license it looks like a wonderful toy, I hope it works with a remote control.

      That green toy was an award for good work contribution. And we played real life Angry Birds with the crowd of people at the reception after the meeting. It was fun. I asked the waiter for the picture since he had an empty tray. It looked so cool :)

      It would have been so nice to have pictures of those wedding dresses ;)

  2. I love your post on Paris! It’s not filled with “touristy” images like mine! Haha! Except for the glass shelf containing chocolates which I recall having seen in Musee du Louvre, near the entrance, (I could be wrong.) all your shots are awesome!

    1. Oh, thanks so much! I absolutely fell in love with the city. I really tried not be the typical tourist with a map and a list of places to visit. Instead, I just walked around and went along with the flow. There were so many things/places I discovered this way. And yes, the chocolates and all the pastry!! It is amazing how the French stay slim. I thought that if I cannot eat it all, at least my camera will ;)
      Cheers, O.

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