2012 ABC

Well, this year is about to end. This has been a very strange, more negative then positive year and to be honest I cannot wait for it to be finally over.

So, ripping off the last calendar pages, by the way my page-a-day Fashion calendar says:

The only real elegance is in the mind. If you’ve got that, the rest come naturally.

Diana Vreeland, 1903-1989 Fashion Editor



 so ripping of the pages and expecting the blasts of NYE fireworks, I feel like it is the time to write the new year resolutions. The problem with resolutions however, is that like many other promises they simply are forgotten to be fulfilled or implemented.  There are always obstacles and excuses… Thus, this year I am going to make guidelines, or more like style/fashion tips for the year ahead. It is like  dreaming, and dreaming is what this blog is for. Let’s start!

A – like Accessories.  Statement accessories are so in. Be bold! I also have so many, but all they do is just collect dust.

B – like Brands. Balenciaga, Burberry, Byblos, Blumarine… Investing into real fashion gives you quality for lifetime.

C  – like Cinderella shoes. There are these AMAZING Valentino shoes that I fell in love with. They are wedges and the wedge is made of see-through plastic.  I saw the shoes in Paris in the beginning of the month and I really don’t think I can afford them, but I will hunt for something similar.


D – like Dance. I think it is time to enroll to a dance class.

E – like Exhibition. Stay tuned ;)

F – like Floral prints. If not to wear, then at least to paint.

G – like Gold. Golden jeans are super stylish.

H – like Hobby. How about starting a new hobby in 2012 and simply trying something new?

I – like  Iceland. I really wanted to travel there for long time. Maybe in 2012? Or also Italy, that’s the place I want to visit again and again…

J – like  jam. I have 2 plum trees on my terrace. And yet again, this year’s harvest and plum jam turned out to be a success. I hope the summer of 2012 is as warm as this year.

K – like kilos. Hopefully less of them in 2012 :)

L – like Lace. Can there be anything more feminine?

M – like Mint. One of my favourite colors. And all other shades of torquoise, sea wave and jade.

N – like NEW. I want to taste, test, try, do, read, see, feel, experience, live new things. Yes, 2011 is sooo last year!

O – Ocean. Ok I admit it, I cant stop thinking about a vacation.

P – This letter turned out to be very popular. P like Platinum Blonde – I want to color my hair again. P like Peplum. I have not even once worn this wonderful peplum skirt I have. I love this shape and made I will buy few more ;). P like promises. Keep them. P  like positive. Stay on the positive side no matter what. P like presents. Give many and I hope you receive many as well. P like Pilates. Stay calm, stretched and healthy.

Q – like Question. You know how little children are curious and ask many questions all the time? What happens when we grow up? I noticed that at some point we start taking things for granted and as given. Question more!

R – like romance. When you are happy, you have this special smile. And that is the best accessory EVER.

S – like SAVING not SPENDING. I can’t believe I am actually writing this, but seriously my shopping patterns need to be controlled. Is it possible to have to many pairs of shoes? No. But I learned that there always be a new absolutely amazing, fantastic, breath-taking pair one has to get. It’s like there is this wonderland of beautiful shoes from where they ocassionally send few pairs for you to stumble upon and then those few extra hundreds on your bank account are history.

T – like texture. Frills, pleated, draping, feathers, fluffy, shiny flat , fur, etc etc. The combination of fabrics in clothes always looks great.

U – like U-turn. Some lifestyle habits need a U-turn. Easy as that.

V – like Vogue. Spending hours on internet going through vintage vogue covers.

W – like white. White E-Y-E-L-A-S-H-E-S. This is for a super trendy fashionista. Love it!  

X – like Xylitol. It’s healthy for your teeth :D

Y – like Yellow Diamond. This new Versace perfume is actually very good. 

 Z – like Zebra. I loooove black and white tripes.


HELLO 2012!

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