Givenchy, I need you tonight

I love Givenchy. (But then again who doesn’t…?) I stumbled upon this new ad today, Liv Tyler singing “Need you tonight” for Givenchy. Yes, you read correctly – SINGING! And I really like the sound of it, quite stylish I must say. Well-done! And she is absolutely stunning!


Here is the video, enjoy!

Talking about Givenchy. I am reading a book at the moment, which is called The Givenchy Code, by Julie Kenner. I have to admit , this is not my type of literature (usually I prefer something more serious), but as I was in the library and I saw the book on the shelf, it was hot pink like my new Nokia Lumia phone, and the book had the Givenchy logo on it and just by glancing at few pages I saw that Audrey Hepburn was mentioned and Tiffany’s and all those beautiful things, so I really could not resist.


It turned out to be actually quite a page-turner. Like with all the mystery books, you want to know what the riddles are and will you be able to solve them. So, indeed, it is very entertaining. I would not recommend it to ALL of my friends, but those (obviously female friends) who like shopping and fashion should grab this along for example to read on a plane or vacation…

Look how cute this is! Was it possible to resist from borrowing from the library?!

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