White Lilies

What a beautiful flower!


5 thoughts on “White Lilies

  1. Loved the delicacy of the girl’s facial expression and all the floral beauty… Very cool and feminine! By the way, I’m passionate by floral motifs in portraits ;-)

  2. Thank you dear F! You are nice as always! Im glad you like it. This is actually quite a large painting, it is 50cm x 70cm, it looks very nice on a wall!

    I will later post pictures from the gallery opening. Everything we super good on Saturday and there were quite many people all the time visiting! We also had 3 models in various pin-up vintage outfits walking around, so they did get a lot of attention from visitors. Cheers,O.

    1. You’re welcome Olesja! Thank you for the compliment :-) I’m envisioning about the beauty and vivacity of that wonderful painting on a wall…

      I’m very glad to hear you had a nice experience on Saturday! Moreover, was a great idea to bring pin-up models to the event ;-)

      Kindly, F.

  3. Naaan, mais j’adooore! The flower is lovely (lilies are always magical), but I like the dress in your drawing even better! I’m so thrilled that Sat was a success, even though I’m sad I couldn’t be there. I can’t wait to see the pictures! Biz

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