Veil Collar

There has been a lot of positive feedback on this illustration, so I just have to post it here. It is called veil collar. Voila!


(Image by Lauri Tuisku)

I ordered postcards and magnets. Look how beautiful the backside of the postcard is! It is black and white:

And here are the

The magnets are few mm thick and flexible. Actually, it is hard to tell it is a magnet first. They are very nice, too.

4 thoughts on “Veil Collar

  1. Hello O.!

    Beautiful and pretty gracious. Your depiction of the veil volume and texture is remarkable!

    I really loved those postcards and magnets… They’re so cool!

    My best wishes, F.

    1. Oh, dear… Did you send them to me? What a surprise! So, I’m feel pleased and I suppose that they are on the way, crossing the Atlantic Ocean… Actually, I liked them at first sight through your photos ;-)

      Thank you! I’ll keep an eye on my mail box at my place’s conciergerie…

      Kindly, F.

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