LV Pastel fairy tales

I always loved pastel colors. Now it is so wonderful that all the shops are filled with the shades of turquoise, baby pink, lemons and limes. Thank god (well actually Marc Jacobs) for the LV collection and all of the clothing chains copying the trends with affordable prices. I honestly can’t stop shopping.

It’s funny how fashion comes in cycles. So when the next dull season comes with boring colors and unisex patterns, my wardrobe will be filled with mint peplum skirts and lime tops. Ignorance is bliss. Here are some inspiration pictures.


This collection is not the latest news, but I am posting about it because all the shops are filled with knockoffs. This is truly amazing, the collection is spring summer 2012 and all of the cheap chain stores manage to produce the knockoffs right on time. Have you seen the latest Zara collection? It has the lace, the flowers, peplums and feathers. Of course it is beautiful and of course I am going to buy few items… but in a way this is a bit wrong.

Firstly, the designers do not get the full credit for creating the trend. This means that the revenues could have been bigger haven’t there been so many copies on the market. Of course we are talking about different target groups with absolutely different shopping budgets. Not everybody can afford the LV clothing. However, with this scheme, there are groups of consumers which will never buy their first piece of luxury, i.e. the real thing. (For some reason I am truly convinced that everybody naturally would prefer the brands over knockoffs). There is not point to make an effort to save up a little to buy the item of a better quality later, when you can easily enter Zara, H&M and the likes to get the similar look. This is so typical for todays “I-want-everything-right-now” generation.

And as a result, we come to the second point, the shortened life-cycles of products. This process described above is equivalent to the fast food phenomenon. If you need a cheap, fast, easily available snack – you visit McDonald’s. If you need trendy clothing item, cheap and to wear few times, you visit Zara and the likes. As H&M calls it –  “affordable fashion”. Thus, the concept of gourmet and slow-food in terms of fashion is equivalent to couture and high fashion. The difference with these two industries however, is that the food is immediately consumed – but as these clothing items are constantly being produced and trends change, and the mass-consumer wants new things every season (and now it is really possible and affordable to buy all the time new things) we end up with enormous amount of clothes being produced. This leaves wardrobes of consumers stuffed not to mention the carbon imprint on the world ecology when producing the clothes.

So now we finally come to the point of sustainability. Not only the designers are being pressured to create amazing collections every time, and are stressed that the competition increases constantly as there are so many fashion brands these days; but simultaneously the costs of production rise whereas, the mass-production companies manages to exploit the 3rd world countries with no minimum wage and do not care about the QUALITY of the produced good because the prices will be cheap anyways. Yes, the markets are flooded with goods. Are we able to buy so much? Is it right that the goods are disposable to such degree? It is like plastic fork and plate you throw away after you have eaten once.

 So what will happen next? I really hope there will be more positive developments in this area and the disposable-goods generation will start to decline. And the durable good will be more appreciated due to its quality. Having said that, I understand that this is such a difficult topic. I, too,  am guilty so-to-say of excessive shopping – my wardrobe is full of clothes. Some have never even been worn. And come to think of it – I do not really want to change my shopping habits (but believe me I tried). “Catch 22” situation.

But it is late now and time for me to go to bed. I don’t want to leave this post on such a sad and stressful note, thus I will post few more LV pictures from the show and hopefully I will be dreaming about carousels and clouds. Sweet dreams!

Pictures are in my PinIt account, please check it out!

p.s. Soon I will make a post about all of the things I managed to find in shops ;)


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