Naduah Rugely and Golden Sun

Here is an illustration of a beautiful model I stumbled upon in DeviantArt. Dear Naduah, I hope you like it!

  Here you can see the gold well (flash off):

  Drawn from a photo:


Naduah has very interesting eyes with beautiful shape and color.

This is not surprizing as she “is a native of the exotic little beach town in the South of México named Cancún, and proudly represents her French, Irish, Spanish, and Native American (Aztec and Kikapoo) heritage.”

 Read her bio here and here is her Deviant account.


4 thoughts on “Naduah Rugely and Golden Sun

  1. Honestly, what a wonderful post!I haven’t known Naduah until yet… She’s beautiful :-) You did a lovely composition – Naduah’s expression, the face shape, arms anatomy, the outfit texture and volume, golden background… Love them!

    Ah, amazing video, full of sensuality… Their wonderful music came from “Nip/Tuck” series soundtrack CD. If you like it, just tell me… ;-)

    My candid feelings,

  2. Wow! I think this is your best one yet. I love the details, the golden texture, the transparency, the colors. Well done, girl. ♥

    1. Thank you honey! I need to get a better camera though, so that the pics are better. Even with this piece, i feel that it looks much better live. And the gold stands out more.

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