Helsinki Fashion Summit // 24.5.2012

I had a day off – and it was awesome! Fashion, friends (new and old), lunch at teatteri, pink macaron, after party, sparkling, high-heels, new acquaintances, sunny terrace, cupcakes, good music, late taxi home…  An awesome one day vacation!

The day started with a fruity breakfast on a sunny terrace at the Helsinki Fashion Summit venue. The Summit agenda was filled with interesting speakers: Cristoffer Lundman of Acne, Henrik Vibskov, Robin Schulié, Lulu Kennedy… There were shows by interesting young northern brands for example Hanna Saren, Army of me and Norwegian Rain. Some of these were new to me, but definitely worth getting to know. Henrik Vibskov and Cristoffer Lundman have amazing sense of humor. Their presentations were such a pleasure to listen to. They clearly enjoy what they do, it is visible in every gesture and heard in every word.

The host, Sami Sykkö, (Helsinki Sanomat journalist specializing in culture, art and fashion)  is presenting the speakers

Below: me and Marika

My outfit :)


Dancing in the rain

Did you know that Bergen is the rainiest city in Europe? And the fact is – you have to look stylish even in a rain coat, too. This is where Norwegian Rain steps in.

Here are the designers behind the brand – Alexander (left) and T-Michael (right). See T-Michael’s amazing blog here.

(pic credit here

We had a chance to meet several of the designers at the after party socializing event.


Another interesting discovery was definitely Army of me. I loved their style, disappointing as it is, they do not have a women’s line. However, their clothes are quite unisex, I might say. So I am considering  perhaps buying something.

The men behind the look: Daniel & Richard (pic via)

and our memorable party moment:

Ha! Pink glittered macaron was smashed in my bag:

I finally made the caviar manicure I wanted to try for really long time. They looked like the lamps at the venue. Seriously:

Marika’s awesome skirt:

…which matched the stylish teatteri interior

Drinks at the evening reception:

Visit Marika’s style blog asap!

 Another friend I bumped into – Pini:

I am not into Finnish music really, but there are few good bands here. TV OFF is one of them. Their music was played during the fashion shows and they also performed during the evening party.

I have few videos on my camera, but the quality is so bad I don’t dare to upload them. Sara, the singer, has amazing voice and she is really good live. But please enjoy youtube for now. Gosh, I am in love with this song!!!

But the cherry on top of this day was…!

There is one young promising Finnish designer, who represents the whole of Finland’s Haute Couture – Mert Otsamo.

He was a contestant in Finnish   “Project Runway” and did not win (which I think is a good thing, because the program concept is way too commercial for him). In any case, he has awesome sense of shape and texture.  It is obvious from his creations, that for him fashion is an art form and passion. And I am sure Alexander McQueen would have approved Mert’s work. See for yourself (pics via here)



After the Summit, we were at the same after party and ended up sitting next to each other at the table! It was such an honour to talk to him. We chatted about fashion, style, passion for haute couture … Did not I say my day was perfect? The bar was occupied only by people from the Summit and Mert started playing as a DJ:

The day was so great with so much happening all the time, so that by the end of it, I felt I had at least a week vacation!

Last and definitely not least: congratulations to Marika on graduation! :)


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