The shades of pink

There! I finally did it.


 pics by M. 


7 thoughts on “The shades of pink

  1. O., I’m here at my work-table and just a few minutes ago I’ve received an automatic email notification of your new post. Impossible not to publish a comment after seeing it… You’re beautiful Olesja! I know not all girls do that shades of pink so well as you did. It’s possible to feel the texture of the hair. Ah, nice outfit also ;-)

    (Hope you’ve appreciated my humble compliment to you…)

  2. 1. This looks great on you!!!
    2. Question(s): I have been thinking about dyeing my hair pale pink for a while now, the only problem is that my natural hair color is dark brown, almost black. I can see from your roots that you have darker hair too, and I was wondering how damaging it was to bleach?

    1. Hi! Thanks for comment!

      Yes, you have to bleach it, but even though I am not a professional, i can tell you that your hair will be damaged. My hair is not very dark, i am not a brunette. It is just the roots that seem darker. And in summer with lots of sun , my hair becomes very light. When I was small, i was blonde and now my natural hair is kind of dark ash blonde so I usually color it scandinavian blonde to be very light. But you, being a brunette, need a much stronger bleach than me.

      So, if you are brave, just do it! It is so much fun!! :) But perhaps you should try the tips first, to find out the result and then later if it is good, color more.. :) it looks very stylish too, with the dipped edges.

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