Snow Queen ballet

The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen has always been my favourite fairy-tale. Today, I went to the Finnish National Opera to see the general repetition of the new ballet, which is already sold out till the end of the year and the premiere is tomorrow!

It was magical! (pic via

1st balcony, right in the middle:

And then during the break, the Snow Queen and her “helpers” came out, I was very lucky to get few close ups:

In the foyer, there were on show some costumes from other productions. The Mouse King from the Nutcracker has an awesome mask:

And this is what the Snow Queen looks like (pic via

The make up is very well-done, but to be honest I wished there was a bigger (read: more grandiose) crown. In fact, that is the only part I wished was different in this particular production. I envision the queen as very tall, gracious, authoritative – in my opinion this was not really evident from the ballet. In fact, her costume was not much different from the snowflakes twirling around. And she is my favourite villain after all!

So, here is my collection of what a true Snow Queen should be about:

Tilda Swinton in Narnia

This is a Soviet fairy-tale movie The secret of Snow Queen, I loved it when I was a child:

Above: gorgeous crown.

Below: Ok, this is not a Snow Queen, but still a queen and a very evil one:

I love this accessory, I NEED to get one asap!

Yes, this is where a Snow Queen should live.

And this is what happens is Snow Queen doesn’t like you:

The sources of the pictures are in Pinterest.


3 thoughts on “Snow Queen ballet

  1. It’s amazing the fact that Andersen’s “The Snow Queen” was initially published in 1845 and is still strongly alive nowadays fortunately. Well later in 20th and 21st century, apart from theater productions, there were several cinema and TV adapted productions, such as the Soviet, British, American, Japanese, etc – I confess that I was quite curious about the Soviet one…
    Loved your post and also loved all the ice contextualised images you added around the current Finnish spectacle main theme. Beautiful ;)

    1. I know. My favorite fairy-tale ever. What was yours when you were small?
      The soviet fairy-tale “skazka” movie was very awesome. Just google for images: Тайна Снежной королевы

      And here it actually is in YouTube – the full version!!!

      1. Hi O.! Thank so much you for your great tips :) As I guess is easily apparent, I have a “tropism” by Russian culture, a fact that made ​​me start to study Russian and other cultural aspects still in my college days (but I’m a beginner yet). So, I’m so pleased you shared this valuable (and really awesome!) video link – Thanks! :) :)
        I just realized that I don’t have a punctual specific favorite fairy tale… However, several of my fairy tales and stories references came from the knowledge of aspects of German folklore, which shares a lot of common elements with Scandinavian/Norse’s…
        Ah, on time: I invite you to visit my brand new Pinterest account. Undoubtedly, I’m already your follower there also :)
        All the best,
        – F.

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