Heidi T. // Searching for the Little Black Dress

My illustrations of Heidi Tuominen of the Searching for the Little Black Dress blog:


 pretty 2

pretty 3

pretty 1

* * *

neon 2

neon 1 close_up  NEON heidi 22

* * *

heidi  1

heidi  1 close_up

Original photos by Aleksandr Lazarevski (website):

 Photo neon Photo prettyPhoto black

* * *

Two illustrations are actually done on the same piece of paper:


 I am super satisfied with my new camera – as you can see, quality is much better now. More about this in the next post. But, check out how cool these are. I took pictures in a very dark room with little lighting. The neon paints turned out amazing – like they glow in the dark!

double in the dark  in the dark

This is also taken in the dark.

heidi blue


3 thoughts on “Heidi T. // Searching for the Little Black Dress

  1. – Beautiful. Pretty beautiful! Once again, your recent set of illustrations (Red Poppy and Heidi T) deserves the best compliments, in my modest opinion. Also love the way how you draw and define facial traits and expressions… You really captured the essence of the beauty of these beautiful women :)

    Btw, it’s nice you have new studio pencils – they are so pleasurable to use! And talking about new things, your new photo shoots are so cool (with special mention to your dark room experience!). I am an enthusiast in experiencing extremes of brightness and contrast in the definition of delicate feminine forms :)

    Many cheers, O. As I already said, you are a true artist. This is a gift!

  2. hello dear F.! Thanks so much :) :) as always. Heidi put illustrations in her blog, and all the comments were so positive and nice! Feels so pleasant to be getting all this positive attention.

    1. You’re very welcome, dear O.! I’m proud of you ;) I’ve been checking Heidi’s blog comments a few minutes ago and I’m feeling happy for you as well :) You deserve every beautiful and kind compliment surely… You bring genuine beauty to people through your art! Congratulations!

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