Red Poppy // Anna Z.

My latest illustration. This is a portrait of my friend Anna Z. and her friend drawn from their photograph. Beautiful girls and an amazing photo.

Anna Z full

Anna Z_close up 0

Close up of Anna:

Anna Z_close up 2

Anna Z_close up 11

Close up of her friend:

Anna Z_close up 3

Anna Z_close up 22

 Here is the original photo:


See the similarity:

photo 2

My dad recently bought me a book on drawing and also sometime ago he bought me excellent studio pencils, so I have been really excited testing them with some new skills.


I really like these kinds of head pieces, national Ukrainian with bright red poppies. I already have made few illustrations with similar, like for example “Autumn”:



And also poppies are pretty. Here is an illustration with famous Marimekko’s “unikko” pattern (unikko means poppy in Finnish):


Marimekko Unikko (pic via here )

Unikko 11

Poppies (pic via here)


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