Hair color experiments

Totally in love with my latest hair color, I really hope it stays!



Sometimes being an ordinary golden blonde is boring, so I am not really scared of experiments. Here are some of my favorites documented:


pink hair-side 2

It was nice that the color was not equally distributed, so there were several shades of pink and lilac:

pink hair-side

This is silver. Unfortunately it did not stay for very long.But then again I don’t have that many grey clothes to wear.

silver ash

And this was very cool – steel colored! It, too, was washed of pretty soon, but it was so worth it!

silver head

Now I am really really interested in getting dark grey, but I have to find the right dye. Usually all special dies are really hard to find. I am looking for something like this:

dark grey

And then I could gradually move into grey-ish blue like this:

greyish blue

And then finally be brave enough to color it whole blue – this is absolutely amazing:

blue 1

To be honest, as much as I am willing to experiment with hair color, whole blue at the moment is out of my comfort zone. At the moment, I am really interested in this kind of sophisticated light ICY blue color like on these pictures:

icy blue 1 icy blue 2

But that is either a wig or photoshopped, because trust me, having experimented with color A LOT, I am telling you that it is impossible to get such long hair colored perfectly with no tints and shades into one light color. It would involve such advance bleaching, that the hair would no longer be alive. And when blue is in bits and pieces, most of the time it looks very “teenager”-cheap, kind of rebel punk type. That is why, I used word sophisticated in the description of the above icy shades.

Below are also examples of how the blue hair can potentially look like. But I think these examples are too dark for me, they are on the “brunette” side more.

dark blue 2 dark blue

The effect I am looking for is when the blue hair color emphasizes the blue eyes. Like gorgeous Chandra North is demonstrating here. Chances are this is photoshopped, nevertheless – AMAZING:


And who know, maybe one day I will finally have the guts to try turquoise hair…?


The pictures’ sources can be found in Pinterest

4 thoughts on “Hair color experiments

  1. Loved this post, dear O.! I always appreciated to see and admire beautiful (and challenging!) hair color experiments on blonde ladies and how they enhance the beauty of a blonde woman through their visual effects/aspects and textures and how they work together specific skin tones, eyes colors, facial makeup techniques, eyeglasses, outfits, etc…

    Your lilac and shaded pink as well these gray/ash/silver hues and their variants with bluish shinning toutches are really pretty beautiful! I think light icy blue is one of the most beautiful colors I’ve ever seen in hair surely! – I can figure how hard (and how much feasible) can be the task to achieve such wonderful uniform and sophisticated special dye effect without significant hair damages and photoshop tools resources ;)

    So, is pretty cool to see a little about your experiments :) I guess the “moment of turquoise hair” will come soon to you… :)
    – F.

    1. Hi there!

      For light purple I used MATRIX So Silver -shampoo. My hair has been recently lightened blonde and I diluted the shampoo, which is dark purple, with water so it becomes more liquid and lighter and then applied onto my hair evenly across the whole length – and left on for 45 minutes. After that washed the hair and that’s it.

      For pink, I used WWW Champion Violet Mask which is bright lilac and fuchsia combination. It is available at Hairstore in FInland. Similarly, my hair was colored blonde recently, i applied the mask evenly and held for approximately 30-35 min and washed afterwards.

      A friend of mine always leaves such products in her hair over night so she always has nice purple/lilac/pink hair.

      I think you can use any silver shampoo to achieve such results.

      I hope this helps!
      Br, Olesja

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