Styling Mary Katrantzou

Hello there! Here are some illustrations of how I styled Mary Katrantzou clothes.

Be my Valentine


Wonderful red wedges and cute charm bracelet. Yes, Valentine’s day is on its way.

valentine close_up_shoes

Please note the lace eye-liner

valentine close_up

The dress.

that wonderfull dress

* * *

Business Chic

business chic 1

The details (which took a while to draw):

business chic 1_details

Lady #1

business chic 1_2 bright

The face close-up:

business chic lady 1_close up

How cool does she look??!

business chic lady 1

The amazing skirt:

MK jade-and-sky-printed-silk-tulip-skirt_1Lady # 2

business chic 2_2 bright

She is wearing a pale/nude pink see-through blouse:business chic 2 close_up

This printed skirt is sooo stunning!


I took a picture in the dark so you can see my favorite golden ink:

business chic 1 in the dark

* * *

Casual smart

ladies 34_2   ladies 3_2

the golden boots!

ladies 3 _ shoes_in the dark

ladies 3 _ shoes

The clothes used here are:

 MK graphic print dress

MK Runway

What do you think?

(Picture sources: Pinterest & Mary Katrantzou Facebook)


3 thoughts on “Styling Mary Katrantzou

  1. Hi, O.! You know I am a fan of your art and it’s pleasing to see your new compositions. One of the facts that I always considered remarkable in your works is to realize that each of your models has personality and they are always very beautiful and very feminine – I believe that few artists draw fashion in such expressive manner… Lovely to see the way how you’ve drawn and designed the outfits and defined the fluidity, lightness, movement and texture of all fabrics as well their prints/patterns and to notice your care with acessoires ;) I can imagine the joy to be able to compose such beauties from a blank white surface…

      1. You’re very welcome, dear O.! My heartfelt thanks for your very kind words :)

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