Snow Queen and her snowflakes

It has been long time since I have made an inspirational mood board post – so here it is! It’s enormous again. But trust me – this is my treasure box – it took ages to collect all of these stunning pictures and also very long time to arrange pictures in specific order. To celebrate the beautiful side of winter – here it is:

If I were a Snow Queen I would wear a crystal necklace everyday and would eat snowflakes for breakfast…


crystal 5

crystal 19

 I would surround my house with mirrors…crystal 22

crystal 11

face 2

… and would wear glitter and shine all the time…

glitter 3

crystal 101

… my nails would be silver…


mirror 5

necklace 2

crystal 2

… silver would be also my shoes…


… there would never be “too much” of crystals…

Dries Van Noten backstage at Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2013 Collections

…that icy look, piercing through you…

crystal 3


crystal 7

… and a very cold kiss…


mirror 2

…my armor to shield and hide from emotions…

mirror 3

mirror 7

ice 4

ice 5

…carrying piece of ice with me…

crystal 1111

crystal 100

ice 3

…experimenting with fashion in an icy way to suit a Snow Queen…


plastic 4

plastic 2


white off 25



broch 3

ear 2

chandelier 2

flake 4

crystal 8

…everything to remind me of ice…

crystal 17

pearls 21

pearls 3

pearls 2


face 3

…a chilly kind of beauty…

face 6

glitter 2

… vanity is my favorite sin…


crystal 14

white off 23

white off 26

collar 7

flake 3

pearls 4

white off 21

…white fur…


fur 3

fur 5


… this is such a STUNNING photo… miaow!


my castle 3

fur 6

white off 6

flake 5

…couldn’t imagine life without Chanel…

white off 2

crystal 9

plastic 3

collar 4

broch 2

white off 5

white off 22

fur 2

ice 2


white off 4

face 4

white off 3

white off 7



my castle 2

my castle 4


interior 2

ice 8


white off 41

flake 31

crystal 4

chandelier 3      collar  broch         flake 4


face 1

my castle

flake 2


ice 7

(Note! The sources of the pictures are in Pinterest board)



4 thoughts on “Snow Queen and her snowflakes

  1. Dear Ms Snowflake,
    Your treasure box is a true special royal jewelry box… Your more than amazing idyllic icy kingdom and its sublime sovereign – the Snow Queen – are marvels that made me dream ;) Beautiful. So very inspiring and beautiful!
    – F.

    1. Thanx, dear! Yes, I have a feeling if my pinterest account were to disappear one day – I would have a heart attack! So many treasures, so much time invested to look for them. But you too – you have quite an AMAZING archive ;). I am also impressed how you managed to track down the resources/photographers.

      It is still cold in Finland, so no need to look for inspiration. Very beautiful with lots of snow.
      Cheers, O.

      1. You are welcome, O.! I do love your personal taste! Ah, your Pinterest account has literally thousands of wonderful jewels and I can imagine the amount of time (and weeks) you’ve dedicated to carefully gather all of them… And thanks a lot for the kindness for compliment my photo archive! Just as with you, it usually take days and days to select a whole ensemble of beautiful images to blog about and to determine where (and/or by who) they originally were published on and who is depicted on it- it’s a kind of research work often through several unexpected websites (“paths leading to other paths”)… And there are a plenty of others that end up not being published. In fact, whenever I find a good quality picture I also save it as an archive inside a specific file folder in a HD or similar device – it may seems somewhat laborious but it actually becomes a habit and keep them more “safe” for the future ;)
        Oh my, if I may say, the unique and more than beautiful characteristics of Finland are a very precious inspiring gift :)
        Best feelings,
        – F.

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