A Gentleman’s Agreement

I’ve been watching again lots of old movies. With Gregory Peck, Steve McQueen, Cary Grant etc. This post is inspired by the cinematography of yesterday. They don’t make them like this anymore, do they?



bmwAlain Delon

alain delon

alain delon 2





gentleman 2

the car

Paul Newmanpaul newman


Jon Hamm or Don Drapersmoking don draper

The Jaguar

jaguar 4

jon hamm 3 jon hamm 2 jaguar jon hamm  jaguar 2

in the car  in the car 3 her


George Clooney

clooney 1

cary grant 2cary grant 3


Cary Grant

To catch a thief with Grace Kelly

cary and grace

cary grant 1

Gregory Peck with Ava Gardner

ava and gregory

Clive Owen

elevatortom ford tux

hermes in the car 4

car 2

montblanc montblanc 2My favourite ever  – Armani Mania


Jude Lawjude lawsports car  in the car 2

Steve McQueen

steve mcqueen2 steve mcqueen steve mcqueen 5 steve mcqueen 4 steve mcqueen 3

ted lapidus stylo vintage car

dancingAnd one of my favorite actors ever: Gregory Peck

gregory peck gregory peck 7 gregory peck 6 gregory peck 5  gregory peck 3

gregory peck 4  flying vacation2boat


Pic credit found in Pinterest

3 thoughts on “A Gentleman’s Agreement

  1. It is so pleasant to notice that there are real ladies who know to value a true gentleman and vice versa, because I believe in this mutual and necessary worthy appreciation since always ;)

    1. yes-yes! Great minds think alike, and luckily there are people with similar sophisticated tastes in this world ;)

      1. I fully agree with your wise well written words, dear O.! ;)

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