Helen & sapphires

As I promised to draw something, here is today’s harvest! Illustration of gorgeous model Helen….and some serious diamonds and sapphires by Cartier. (See Helen’s portfolio here).

    earring 2 earring 4 earring 7 earring 10


final 22

necklace 1 necklace 2 necklace 3 necklace 4

I took some pictures in the dark so the shine of the gems is visible reflected from the flash:

necklace 5  necklace close-up

I changed the color a bit. Sapphires are more in this season ;) Nevertheless, the necklace is absolutely amazing.


Here are the originals from which are illustrations are made. The original images are ©NadiPhotography2013 visit here.

photo 1 earring

photo 2 necklace

photo 3 bow

The two images are drawn on the same paper sheet:

two 2

I really need perhaps to find a different layout for the blog to be able to post WIDER images.


Helen is a dancer too, you can really see that in postures:

bow back 1

bow back 2

bow back 3

bow back 4

See Helen’s blog here.

Pic credit of gems in Pinterest.


5 thoughts on “Helen & sapphires

  1. Oh my, your jewelry compositions are so beautiful and vivid! – I’m also imagining how should be wonderful to see them and their visual effects live… And, yes, Cartier is at the highest rank of the haute joaillerie ;)

    I really loved the way you defined and portrayed Helen’s very beautiful face and neck and how you drew her hair and its style and soft dynamics over her face – so feminine and strongly charming. By the way, I love such kind of feminine image :)

    Congratulations on your work and very special sensitive artistic gift, dear O.!
    – F.

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