A day in Stockholm – 4 Fashion Exhibitions

I had a business trip recently to Stockholm, the meeting was very short actually, so it was a wonderful opportunity to book some extra hours for the city. And I have to say, Stockholm has a lot to offer. Not only it is a very beautiful city with lots of things to do – but at the moment there are FOUR fashion exhibitions running! How perfect for me is that?! Indeed, it was a very perfect day. Here is my visual report. Enjoy!


1. Helmut Netwon in Fotografiska (B)

Helmut Newton’s legacy is a significant one. He had a vivid and perverse imagination, but he was not an illustrator of fantasies; his skill was in building his pictures from all that he had so sharply observed in the world in which he lived, that of the sophisticated bourgeoisie. In this regard, he was first and foremost a notable social anthropologist and satirist. And it is his shrewd distillation of all that he had witnessed that gives his images the ring of truth and their lasting hold.

May 31 – September 29, 2013  Address Fotografiska , Stadsgårdshamnen 22 , 116 45 Stockholm

newton 1

“I love vulgarity. I am very attracted by bad taste…”newton 2

Charlotte Ramplingnewton 3

I love this one. So S…newton 4 newton 5 newton 6

Karl Lagerfeldnewton 7

newton 8

This one too. So sensual. And strange. Like invasion of privacy. Who are they to each other? Why are people staring? Why is she so calm, knowing there are others in the room?newton 9

I think this is Verushka..not sure though, looks like her.newton 10 newton 17

Catherine Deneuvenewton 22 newton 23

Other illustrations in Fotografiska:

jpg fotografiska

It was absolutely awesome. But it gets better. Next:

The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaulthier in Design and Architecture Center (E)


jpg 0000000000

This was pretty cool. The mannequins had faces projected on them, so they were lively – smiling, looking, talking…

jpg 0000000

jpg 000000

jpg 00000

jpg 0000

jpg 000

jpg 00

jpg 0

jpg 53

jpg 30

I like the contrast how these 2 pictures are situated next to another – white soft angelic vs. black rough almost sticky




jpg 14

JPG 21

Finnish model Ninja Sarasalo on the Fragile Perfume ad:


JPG 20



  This is actually not fur, but bead embroidery. I bet this outfit is very heavy, because there were so many beads. Handmade naturally and very intricate.

jpg 10

jpg 11

The skeleton outfit worn by Dita von Teese

jpg 13    JPG 22

Illustration by Gaultier himself of Madonna tour outfits:

  JPG 24 JPG 26

This one particularly caught my eye. I love the high waist and Spahish toreador style:

JPG 27

jpg 51

jpg 46

JPG 28 jpg 29

Indian bride:   jpg 33 jpg 34

A MINK suitcase. How cool is that? This will be so bashed by PETA ;)

jpg 36 jpg 40

Oh lala! The Paris Eiffel stockings. LOVE.

jpg 41 jpg 42  jpg 47

jpg 48

Gaulthier himself. The projected version, talking…

jpg 49 jpg 50  jpg 52   JPG

JPG 23

Next on the map –

Fashion Illustrator Mats Gustafson in Millesgården (C)


Mats Gustafson captures the movements of the models and the styles of the garments. His images span a wide range of characteristics, from the graphic silhouette to colourful and painterly expressions. Clothes, bodies and faces are the common theme of the exhibition and many of the works have been published in magazines such as French and Italian Vogue.

Mats 0

Mats 2

Mats 3

Mats 4

Mats 5 Mats 6

This is a Tiffany ad. Not hard to guess, right ? ;)

Mats 9 Mats 10 Mats 11

The lines of her legs and shoes ARE impeccable:

Mats 12

Illustration of THAT Dior 2013 dress:

Mats 15

I love how the red shiny material is captured here: Mats 17 Mats 18 Mats 19

And this is so amazingly geometric. Love the sharp shoes: Mats 20

mats 22 Mats 29 Mats 31


Mats 34 Mats 40


Millesgården turned out to be an amazingly beautiful place. Idyllic. The nature. The views. A piece of heaven on earth. And the weather was so beautiful.

Mats 6

Mats 40

Beautiful house across the street:

millesgarden 2 millesgarden 3 millesgarden 4

millesgarden 5

millesgarden 7

millesgarden 8

millesgarden 9

millesgarden 10

millesgarden 11

millesgarden 12

millesgarden 13

millesgarden 14 millesgarden 28


And then I also went to Stockholm New in Thielska Galleriet (D), but I dont have pics from there. :(

thielska g

Monumental iconic fashion photography from legendary magazine Stockholm New juxtaposed with Thielska Galleriets world-famous collection of Nordic and international masterpieces from the previous turn of the century — Edvard Munch, Vilhelm Hammershøi, Anders Zorn, Eugène Jansson, Bruno Liljefors, Carl Larsson, August Strindberg, Carl Fredrik Hill, Ernst Josephson, Prins Eugen, Paul Gauguin, Henri de Tolouse-Lautrec, and many more…

The city is so beautiful!

stockholm 12stockholm 11stockholm 10

stockholm 3

stockholm 5

stockholm 4

stockholm 6

stockholm 2

stockholm 7

stockholm 9

me 2

me colorblocking

And what’s a trip without a bit of shopping? I found the perfect Cinderella shoes:

shoes 2

Nom nom nom… strawberry white-chocolate frappino…shoes 3


One thought on “A day in Stockholm – 4 Fashion Exhibitions

  1. Your post and your personal trip experience is full of so lovely things – a great city, photography, fashion, pleasant words, beautiful smiles and true beauty :) Congratulations, dear!

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