GAUDI // Vote for fav outfit!

A new brand has come to Finland – Italian GAUDI. GAUDI logo

I went to the showroom the other day, it was like a trip to a candy store. Very high quality items, super-soft suede shoes, fresh bright colors, great cut on clothing, skin pleasant materials – all the garments are to die for! It was hard to chose a favorite item, so I tried to fit into my camera all possible. So scroll down to vote for your favorite outfit!! 

Gaudi AD 2  Gaudi Showroom X Gaudi Showroom XX Gaudi Showroom 0 Gaudi Showroom 3 Gaudi Showroom 2

VOTE for your favorite outfit!


  • Neon bright jacket
  • White jeans with crystal details
  • Gorgeous lacquered leather salmon pumps with bows

Gaudi Outfit 1

Gaudi Outfit 1 details


  • Embellished top with see-through material at the front
  • Leggings with golden patches
  • Light scarf
  • Lacquered pumps in nude beige

Gaudi Outfit 2 details 2

Gaudi Outfit 2 details

Gaudi Outfit 2

Gaudi Outfit 2 details 3


  • Nude beige geometric cut dress with golden panels
  • Lemon yellow sac
  • Turquoise suede high-heels

(this one has strong potential to be my favorite. Although I really like 1 and 2 as well. I told you – impossible to choose!)

Gaudi Outfit 3

Gaudi Outfit 3 details

Gaudi Outfit 3 details 2


  • Apricot tinted light rain-coat
  • A-shaped sleeveless shirt with golden thread
  • Pale pink jeans
  • And a whole selection of salmon colored shoes , all matching  the outfit!

Gaudi Outfit 4

Gaudi Outfit 4 details 2

The materials are very nice:

Gaudi Outfit 4 details


  • Double-layered top
  • Mint jeans
  • And THOSE turquoise suede shoes!

Gaudi Outfit 5 details 3 Gaudi Outfit 5 details 2 Gaudi Outfit 5

And last but not least…


  • Quilted hot pink blazer with golden chain detail
  • Pink/black lace pencil skirt
  • “Valentino” style suede flats

Gaudi Outfit 6

Gaudi Outfit 6 details 4

Gaudi Outfit 6 details 3

Gaudi Outfit 6 details 2

Time to vote! Which one do you like the most?



GAUDI logo


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