SMME letters // .GIF

I have recently participated in the Snail Mail My Email project.



Drawing heart-warming letters, full of beautiful, sentimental, kind and thankful messages on behalf of caring and loving people turned out to be a great thing to do during the cold November evenings. Here are some samples of what I drew:

Letter 1:

Flower petals. There is a big blower jumping out from the girl’s bag! :)

letter 1_1

Due to privacy reasons, I don’t want to show the content. letter 1_3

letter 1_4

Letter 2: Fairies

letter 2


Letter 3: Lipstick KiSS

letter 3

letter 3_3

Letter 4: Flower petals

letter 4_2


Letter 5: Perfume bottle

chanel bottle

letter 5_3

letter 5_4

Letter 6: Love letter with perfume bottle

letter 6

Letter 7: Chanel card

chanel card (1)

Letter 8: Lipstick KISS

letter 8 letter 8_1


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