Mural at GAUDI Finland GLAM NIGHT

I totally forgot to post this earlier. There was an event arranged late last year by GAUDI Finland  – GLAM Night – and they asked me to create a mural on their wall. The event was FABULOUS, needless to say how absolutely gorgeous GAUDI clothes are!

GAUDI is an Italian fashion brand established in 1995. They have roughly 100 stores and 1500 distributors worldwide.


glam night


glam night 22Miss Finland 2014  Bea Toivonen. Bea will be representing Finland in Miss Universe Pageant

(Follow Bea on Instagram)

gaudi miss finland


 Gaudi b_w

GAUDI Finland Team


Gaudi b_w 2

I told you the clothes are beautiful!

gaudi wishlist

GAUDI Finland Team with Finnish singer Diandra

gaudi s

Pics via GAUDI Finland 


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