It’s here! Earlier this week I went to pick up the book “Upeana juhlaan” from Otava. The feeling when you are standing in Otava book store (Otava, one of the oldest publishing houses in Finland and which “ranks second among graphic communications publishers in Finland”), and then you receive a copy of a new book which has your illustrations in it – trust me, that feeling is exhilarating! Especially considering that this is my first book illustration project.

As I wrote earlier, this book was created by model-turned-designer Janina Fry, Make-up artist and former Miss Finland Suvi Tiilikainen and editor-in-chief of a magazine Katariina Kivimäki, who contacted me with a collaboration proposal to create illustrations for the book.

There are different illustrations:

  • Body types
  • Face shapes
  • Dress models

“Upeana juhlaan” translates roughly as “Gorgeous for celebration”.


the book 3 the book 4 the book 5 the book 6

Figure types 1  figures 1 figures 1_1 figures 3

Figure types 2Dress models 1 Dress models 2

dresses 1 dresses 2

face close up 0 face close up 1

face shapes 1   face shapes 3 face shapes 4

face close up 3 face shapes 5

Special thanks to Suvi, Katariina & Janina!


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