My paintings are on TV!

First Magazine illustrations, then a book project, and now  – my paintings are on TV!

Some friends and acquaintances have already asked whether it was my art they noticed in trailers and ads of the new reality show on Fox channel. To be honest, it feels actually very nice that they recognized my style.

Here are some screen shots:

 11351143_10153259072357110_6463941740458113362_n Bimbo Oy 1 Bimbo Oy 211268977_10153259086517110_439395593959562530_nwall Bimbo Oy 3 Bimbo Oy 4wall2 Bimbo Oy 6 Bimbo Oy 7wall 3wall 4kuva by Sointu(above) pic credit: Sointu

olesjaPianoYou can catch Bimbo Oy every Wednesday at 21.00 on Fox. The opening of their new office is in the third episode starting 15:10, available online at

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