Naantali & Kultaranta

I had a mini-trip recenty to Naantali, a city in the south-west of Finland. It is one of the most important tourist cities in Finland, however, I have to admit it was my first time visiting it. It is absolutely beautiful. We were lucky to have wonderful sunny weather suitable for a day at the sea. Also played golf in Kultaranta Resort, which I highly recommend. The food, service, golf instruction class, meeting venues – everything was top class! Here is my picture report:

Kultaranta Resort



Photocredit for pic above: Kultaranta resort website


Isn’t this amazing? Foggy chilly morning, and the sea meets the sky seamlessly with no horizon…

That wooden pier hut is actually a sauna.


So we went sailing around Kultaranta, i.e.”Golden Beach”.

The old city is like a set from a movie full of pretty wooden dollhouses:


Restaurant UUSI KILTA was a terrific find, too:


And the sunset was something that needs to be bottled!img_1866img_1867

Come visit Finland!!!


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