Natalia Vodianova

Once I had the pleasure of briefly meeting supermodel Natalia Vodianova in One Young World Summit few years ago. I was representing Nokia as a delegate at the event in 2012. Natalia held an inspiring speech, she told her own story but also about the Naked Heart Foundation,  a charity organization she founded with a mission: “to help build an inclusive society that is open to people with disabilities and special needs, through play and the creation of free support services for disadvantaged families”.  This organization has a tremendously noble cause: tackling the stigma of disability, so that no parent feels pressured to give up a disabled child and no children are given up to orphanages or children’s homes.



In 2015 Natalia has taken philanthropy to the digital age with her new app –ELBI.

Elbi brings innovation to charity and philanthropy. We remove the barriers to charitable giving be making it simple, fun and rewarding for people to make a difference, while giving great causes much needed visibility and support. By connecting digital do-gooders with charities through the Elbi platform we’ve so far helped 854 causes, run by 37 charities, in 88 countries across 5 continents.

Natalia is truly beautiful inside out.

Such an inspiring young woman, who is not blinded by own success in an egoistic way, but instead is creating an impact to make this world a better place. I just had to draw her!










By Didem


One of my favorite blogs at the moment – by Didem. Stylish, classy, modern and pretty. And she loves Chanel. And of course she is absolutely beautiful. Didem has a very diverse style: at times edgy, at time feminine, at times sporty, at times girly – thus, I could not make only one illustration. And I did three:

  1. Edgy with purple fringes
  2. Romantic with flowercrown and Chanel clutch
  3. A couture black Chanel evening look

What do you think?

Vote for Didem at ELLE STYLE Award for best blog category HERE.


Photo credit: Didem’s blog

















Mari Kokko

Mari Kokko is running for a post of Party Secretary of the Center Party in Finland.The Congress is already next weekend 10-12.6.2016, taking place in Seinäjoki. She is a strong, experienced, competent candidate with a very impressive CV, currently being responsible for Center Party’s communications and for instance earlier having served as a special adviser to Prime Minister.

I made some illustrations for her campaign. Here is an illustration portrait to match the overall campaign visual theme:



Mari pamfletti

Pic via Suomenmaa

mari 2

Also “Kokko” means “bonfire” in Finnish, so Mari asked me to illustrate bonfire for a logo type badge. My strength is of course watercolors and aquarels, but to preserve the overall campaign’s visual coherence, Mari’s graphic designer turned the illustration into digital version. I purposefully made the fire quite geometric – and then the result looked like this:Mari Kokko 6mari 3

All the best to Mari for the elections!

Br, Olesja

MLL Hyväntekeväisyysmuotinäytös 11.05.2016 / MLL UP 2016

Yesterday I attended a charity fashion show arranged by Mannerheim League for Child Welfare (Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliitto , MLL UP 2016 Hyväntekeväisyysmuotinäytös). The event was spectacular: fashion, music, gifts, collaborations… all for a good cause. MLL organization is doing incredible work for the welfare of children and families: it works to promote health and a good environment for children for instance by providing various services. The fashion show was organized by the collaboration partners  on a volunteer basis. Celebrities and politicians walked down the runway. Boutiques and Finnish fashion brands showcased their collections.

I was happy and very honoured to contribute by giving my 2 newest paintings for the lottery. Two lucky winners went home with new paitings. Here they are:


Haute Couture and Parisienne:IMG_0265Parisienne close upHaute Couture close-up

The fashion show:

Saija Toropainen, Chairman of MLL Uusimaa regional organization presenting the organization and wishing the guests welcome.


red shoes.PNG

My favourite collection of the show was probably Gemmy Furs (showroom pic via FB page). beautiful Leena Harkimo, Heidi Sohlberg, Anitra Ahtola wore fabulous fluffy fox fur coats. I think I am in love with the pink – mint green -pastel candy one:


One of the brightest stars of the show was definitely Mr. Bruce Oreck, former US Ambassador to Finland, who walked down the runway with a dog!

Bruce Oreck 1

Naturally the dog ran away and passed right in front of us in the first row! IMG_0426

All in all, it was a splendid event!