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There was a feature on the marriage of fashion and technology in VERNEZ Magazine.

The growing chemistry between fashion and technology is undeniable. With fashion tech on the rise in every way imaginable, fashion consumers are spoilt with their choices of apps, websites and gadgets. We delve into the world of fashion apps to find out what they have in store for you.

Here are my illustrations for this story  (p.10-18, VERNEZ Magazine).

Page 1

Fashion vs Technology 1 Page 2

Fashion vs Technology 2 Page 3

Fashion vs Technology 4 Page 4

  Fashion vs Technology 3


Occasionally I get to illustrate very inspiring women and Laura Schwartz is one of them. She is a professional motivational and inspirational speaker, author, TV commentator and has also served earlier as White House Director of Events of the Clinton administration. It was such a pleasure to listen to her speak live and an honor to meet her. Do you know, how some people are such excellent speakers and so charismatic that they are able to capture the attention of the entire room when they are speaking?

Check out Laura’s website: and I strongly recommend her new book “Eat, Drink and Succeed”, with a tip or two to learn about networking and making the best of your presented opportunities!

Quote of the day:

It’s show time!


11401385_829880703728044_1413678618162380391_n meeting Laura 2

Edited laura 1  Edited laura close_up

Pictures via: Laura’s FB page

Let’s play

The paper doll and her dresses…

More on this project later. Stay tuned!

Xoxo, O.

Model 1

  outfit 1 outfit 2

Here are some close-ups:

Model 3 close up

Model 2

Mural // Flirty and Hippie

I got asked again to draw some wall art… Remember, my post for GAUDI Finland Glam Night. This time they asked something flirty and hippie for the summer. I am pretty satisfied with the striped tights. It is a bit unusual to draw on black, so I wanted some contrast. Pink and flowers mean flirty, right? Whereas, lace and bracelets are quite hippie… This was fun. Voila!

mural 1

Work in progress…

mural 3 mural 4 mural 5

mural 6


…in fuchsia.

50 cm * 70 cm

Elegance 0

The face turned out to be quite nice. But the cherry on top in this painting is of course the pattern of the wood showing through!

It is quite refreshing to draw not on white paper.

Elegance close-up

Elegance 1

I bought amazing new metal gloss paint: Inka-Gold by Viva Decor.

My chosen color is Platinum 904. It looks like a pearl and is quite transparent. I applied it on top of white paint on this painting. And when it is no longer daylight or sunny, and lights are on (like 90% of time in Finland ;) ) the shiny surface reflects the lights and looks silver. See pic below, I took it with a flash.

Elegance 7

All in all, I am very satisfied with this product. It is light, dillutes with water, dries quickly and there is no strong/unpleasant smell. And the price was something like 5 eur for 62 g only! I know it looks plain white on my photos, but trust me – in reality it is much nicer and shiny.

Inka gold

Pic and comment via here.

Viva Decor’s Inka Gold is a revolutionary product that produces an amazing metallic finish without any toxic chemicals.

Elegance 6