MLLUP 2017 // Hyväntekeväisyysmuotinäytös

Viime viikolla Mannerheimin Lastensuojeluliiton Uudenmaan piiri järjesti taas upean hyväntekeväisyysmuotinäytöksen. Mukana malleina oli upeita julkisuuden henkilöitä, urheilijoita, politiikkoja, näyttelijöitä… Esim. Hanna-Maria Seppälä, Nasima Razmyar, Sanna Lauslahti, Jussi 69, Vappu Pimiä, Shirly Karvinen, Karita Tykkä jne.

Osallistuin tänä vuonna taas tilaisuuteen yhteistyökumppanina – tällä kertaa lahjoitin 2 isoa taulua arpajaisiin, yhdessä Vallilan kanssa osallistuimme koristetyynyillä minun suunnittelemasta kokoelmasta, sekä yhtenä pääpalkintona oli mahdollisuus voittaa kuvitusmuotokuvan omalla valokuvalla. Onnittelut kaikille voittajille!

Upea arvontapöytä:




Avec ihana huippis Jerry!


MLL:n Uudenmaan piirin puheenjohtaja (vas.) Saija Toropainen & toiminnanjohtaja (oik.) Pia Metsähuone:


Hilu Kemppi, Keskustanuorten puheenjohtaja:

Olen muuten aikaisemmin tehnyt Hilusta muotokuvan


Lisää kuvia siis tästä:pics

Ilo ja kunnia olla mukana taas!

Gina Tricot // Polhem

My newest illustration project is for Gina Tricot (very exciting, I know!) and PR company Polhem, illustrating guests for the press lunch relating to launch of new collection!

I had quite an illustration marathon with 40 guests to draw.  My Instagram account has been buzzing the entire day and I received such an amount of positive feedback! I am super glad they all loved their illustrations.

Here are some pictures, but please visit my Instagram for videos of all of the cards!


And here are some printscreens. I am pretty flattered with all the attention! THANK YOU ALL!

Sain valtavasti palautetta kuvituksista! Kiitos kaikille! Tässä on erilaiset blogipostaukset joissa kuvitukset mainuttu:



I am very proud and honoured to announce my collaboration with Vallila, one of the leading textile companies in Finland. I teamed up with Vallila to design a capsule collection for SS17 consisting of decorative cushions with my fashion illustrations.

“One star guest designer this season is fashion illustrator Olesja Hännikäinen: her charming and elegant decorative pillow patterns bring a breath of haute couture to the collection. All cushions are pattern matched.” -Vallila


You can buy the products in Vallila stores and online.

Click images to enlarge.


Vallila print screen 1

This feeling when you visit the shop and it has YOUR name under “collections”!!!


Breath of Haute Couture


Happy birthday to the chameleon of fashion – Linda Evangelista! One of the original REAL supermodels… Goodness, I loved the Haute Couture era of the 90’s and early 2000’s. Anticipating Linda was always accompanied with curiosity – what hair color and style will she have next? I found this picture on internet the other day with TURQUOISE hair. It’s gorgeous!

The girls – Claudia, Christy, Naomi, Linda, Cindy, Karen, Tatiana, Yasmin, Eva, Nadia… when they walked the catwalk it was MAGIC. And you know what? No one still has come close to them (except probably Doutzen Kroes and Bianca Balti)… Who is your favourite super model?

Linda 1

I’ve always wanted turquoise hair, as long as I remember myself.

But I don’t think I can pull it off!


Marika Korkeila, a style blogger and fashion stylist just featured me in her blog. Have a look!

On a side note, my travel fever to London just multiplied by millions. Just look at all those pictures! I have had a visit to London on my dream list for a loooong time, maybe one day…

marika 2marika 3marika 1

Featured // KRISELDA.COM

One of my favorite bloggers, Kriselda, made a blog post about my collaboration with Vallila. We went together to Vallila showroom to check out their new collections and get inspired.

Kriselda is a stylist and visualist and is particularly good with camera, hence it is no surprise the pictures she took are great. She also shot a short video about my Vallila project, have a look below!



Here is the blog post on, hurry up to participate, there is an opportunity to win a fashion illustration and a Vallila pillow! Simply enter in the comments field which pillow is your favorite (ruby, sapphire or red shoe).

By Kriselda 1.PNG

KARLBOX x Faber-Castell

Karl Lagerfeld has teamed up with Faber-Castell, as the result the KARLBOX was created. The limited edition (2500 sets in the world) contains pencils, crayons, pastels, fineliners… It’s a dream! Who wouldn’t want to have a KARLBOX?

The box is pricey, though. And now Faber-Castell announced a world wide competition to win a KARLBOX! I saw so many artists and illustrators participating in Instagam, I just had to join in on the fun!

The contest is themed “Karl at Work” and it needed to be an illustration of him, everything Chanel, etc.

I decided to draw beautiful Kristen Stewart – I really like the red eye-shadow look for Chanel make-up campaign. And, of course Karl himself is in the illustration – doing his magic. I drew an enormous paint brush and Faber-Castell pencil as his tools!

Chanel faber Castell 1