Snail Mail My E-mail // Love Letters

You know what’s the best thing to do on a cold, windy, dark November evening?

Write love letters.

I participated again in Snail Mail My Email art project. (You can see my previous post on SMME here.) You know, I didn’t even feel guilty reading other people’s love letters. They were so beautiful – I am talking about the contents of course. The relationships people value, the sentimental things they do…

Here are some illustrations I made. I am not including any text, because, well let’s respect other people’s privacy. But here are other few quotes I found on Pinterest.

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And of course this, the most important love letter of all!


Black and white

Testing out my new ink. I am very disappointed by the quality, this is a Winsor & Newton Calligraphy Ink. The reason I am disappointed is because when it is dilluted with water it doesn’t leave any shade. Let me demostrate, see here the flower detail is painted by ink with lots of water. One can clearly see the purple shade when the ink is lighted. In fact, there was a shade of ochra too, brownish, lilac etc.

Parker INK


I need to buy some more Parker Ink I used to have, but I can’t find it anywhere. The search continues…

Meanwhile, here are some illustrations I made:


black 2 black 3


bow 2 bow 3 bow

Collage of all works

 collage 1




feather 1 feather 2

Vanity (i reeeeeeeally love this one)

vanity 1 vanity 2 vanity 3


zebra 2 zebra 3 zebra 4 zebra

Jon Whitcomb // Illustrator

Oh, how I love those Hollywood movie-screen kisses…

Jon Whitcomb (1906–1988) is an acclaimed American illustrator (see bio here). At the time his illustrations were featured in Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping etc etc. He was amongst the first illustrators to switch to gouache paint from oil for posters.

Currently, I am trying to hunt down his book on glamour All About Girls, hopefully I will find it soon somewhere.

jon whitcomb


romantic kiss


This one below is often associated with a phrase:

“I am so happy I could die”

could die

being kissed  kiss 2 close up kiss 2

movie kiss kiss full

kiss kiss me close up  kiss me kiss night

This one when she is asking for a kiss

kiss me NOW

Who can resist HER?! Stunning!!



Sources of pictures in Pinterest