Beautiful things // Exhibition paintings

I have been super busy, therefore, a bit late with this post – but here are all of the paintings from the recently held exhibition.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in any of the available ones (X-mas is on its way!).

1. V


2. Chanel

chanel 1

           3. Salmiakki


4. Ballerina-like (available)


5. Piano (available)


6. Pink Pop

pink pop

7. Ice-cream colors (available)


8. Ghost


9. Chanel No. 5

chanel 2

Collage of 8 smaller paintings:

pic 3

- Red couture (available)

red alert

- Feather hat 1 (close up). (available)

feather hat 1 close up

- Blue (available)


- Orchid (available)


- Pini

pini full size

- Fierce (available)

Red queen

- Helen

earring 7

- Feather hat 2 (pic missing)

- – – – -


* Flower bomb 1 (available)

flower bomb 1

* Flower bomb 2

flower bomb 2

pic 5


From left to right:

* Iris         * Cherry (available)         * Vogue          *Sophia (available)

exhibition 8

Coco Chanel & Miss Dior Cherie green (available)



pic 7


* Armani Haute Couture 1 & 2 (available)

Armani 1

Armani 2

Snail Mail My Email

Hurry up! Send your letter (love letter, season’s greetings, note to say hi  – anything) to this amazing international collaborative art  project!

snailmailmyemailsnailmailmyemail 2

  1. Go to
  2. Write your greeting
  3. Include the address it goes to

AND Voila! An artist somewhere in the world will beautifully hand-write it for you. I am one on the volunteer artists in this year’s project. And I have to say, this is the coolest volunteer project I have ever been involved with.

Hurry up! It’s for one week only (Nov. 11-17, 2013)!!!

Br, Olesja

Perfume bottles

Here are some perfume bottle illustrations I made. The size is 50 cm * 70 cm, so they are pretty large. What’s cool about them, is that these are made on wood panels. The parts where the liquid is supposed to be are not colored in or slightly tinted, so that one can see the wood pattern. It looks like liquid. I really like these, even if I say so myself. This technique turned out great!

chanel n 5

coco bottle 2

pic 4


  you can see the pattern well on this close-up:



miss dior

  •   Chanel No. 5
  • Chanel COCO
  • Miss Dior Cherie (pink)
  • Miss Dior Cherie (green)

Elle Finland

Something really cool happened! My exhibition was mentioned on Elle Finland website.

elle 1

 elle 3  elle 4

The texts says:

Fashion Illustrations in Punavuori

Fashion Illustrator’s Olesja’s works can been admired in the “Beautiful Things” -exhibition in gallery Jade in Helsinki. The subjects of illustrations are perfume bottles, haute couture clothes and women’s portraits. The style varies from sharp black and white to soft strokes of brushes in pastel colors.

The works can be seen until the end of the month.



Every once in a while I make an illustration I REALLY like. Really really. Like this one.


iris close-up

iris 1

iris 00

The colors and make-up are quite 80’s.

I love me

“I love me” is beauty & health fair held in Helsinki. (Whoever came up with that tacky name…?!) In any case, there were some nice things to see. Here are interesting small bits and pieces which found their way into my camera:

 illustration 2

hand-painted perfume bottle:

perfume 1

illustration 1

2013 Young Designer – Ernesto Hinojosa

ernesto 1

ernesto 2

mmmm…strawberry marshmallow…

  diamo 1

Here are some illustrations I did for Diamo earlier:




Nom nom nom

candy 1

There were many bridal & wedding themed stands there too. Not really an actual topic for me, but very nice designs and details there nevertheless:


wedding 4

Open back. That’s a statement.

wedding 2

Snowqueen attributes:

wedding 3

This is gorgeous:

pitsi 1

And there were these fur things!

Genius design: bits of mink in a leather jacket, thus avoiding the full volume added from fur. Yet elegant. And the skirt is more fluffy fox, which is also sawn with special technique to avoid volume and weight.

grey coat

And this is breath-taking:

fur collar 1

Statement gems:

selavi necklace 2

selavi necklace

Naturally had to visit Jukka Rintala’s stand:

Jukka Rintala 2

Jukka Rintala

This crystal vase is actually pretty cool. I love the graphic triangular shapes here.


Similar geometry here (with Marika Bisou Nordic):

graphic 1

And then we went to Bianco shopping night (sushi + shopping + champagne) arranged by Heidi Tuominen who was chosen to be in the Bianco Army, but more on that later:


Weekends are awesome.