Snow Queen

Recently I have attended an event with a “Winter Wonderland” -theme. Hans Christian Andersen’s Snow Queen has always been one of my favorite fairy-tails and I have already posted some Snow Queen imagery like this in my blog before:


But now, I actually had a chance to dress up as a Snow Queen. I have always wanted to illustrate that story, I think I just might as well do so in the near future. Look at this inspiration! There was everything – the frozen swan, the iced trees, the snowflakes and… the crown.


Photography by Jussi Rekiaro


Florence and the machine

Florence has an amazing voice… and style. She is very inspirational and talented. I love her videos, they are always like fairytales and dreams. I decided to make an illustration of her wearing a dress by Mert Otsamo, the most promising and my favourite Finnish designer. I cannot of course be sure whether Florence knows him, but I am sure she would like this feather dress. It is absolutely astonishing. It makes me think of beautiful swans. What do you think?

(pic via here)