Mia Renwall

Mia Renwall is a talented singer / songwriter from Helsinki. Her latest single “Full Circle Rainbow” is the official song of Helsinki Pride 2016 – Listen here !

I made some illustrations for Mia’s promo materials, I am very excited for this collaboration! Check them out (based on photos by Mario Villeda):

Mia R New 2Mia R New 2 close upMia R New 1Mia R New 1 close up

Mia collage


Mari Kokko

Mari Kokko is running for a post of Party Secretary of the Center Party in Finland.The Congress is already next weekend 10-12.6.2016, taking place in Seinäjoki. She is a strong, experienced, competent candidate with a very impressive CV, currently being responsible for Center Party’s communications and for instance earlier having served as a special adviser to Prime Minister.

I made some illustrations for her campaign. Here is an illustration portrait to match the overall campaign visual theme:



Mari pamfletti

Pic via Suomenmaa

mari 2

Also “Kokko” means “bonfire” in Finnish, so Mari asked me to illustrate bonfire for a logo type badge. My strength is of course watercolors and aquarels, but to preserve the overall campaign’s visual coherence, Mari’s graphic designer turned the illustration into digital version. I purposefully made the fire quite geometric – and then the result looked like this:Mari Kokko 6mari 3

All the best to Mari for the elections!

Br, Olesja