Looking back…

31st of December. Wow! The year went fast! And it was so exciting – so many things happened!!! My own exhibition, new career and education developments, amazing travel destinations (Fallingwater!), some burned bridges and lost friends – but luckily many new friends, too (even a  virtual one)!

September was officially the worst month of my life. Everything went wrong.

But then, something absolutely unexpected happened in November. All I can say – I am really looking forward to the start of new year.

And then in 2012 I also started a new hobby. It is really cool, I love it, one might think the choice is very unexpected for a girl like me, but I enjoy it enormously. Unfortunately, I’m not really good at it yet, though. That is why I won’t reveal what it is, but it will be a new year promise to practice regularly and become better and only then I will post some pictures.

Do you make NYE promises? The occasional “lose weight”, “quit drinking and smoking” etc. Do those who make the promises actually fulfill them? I hate making promises I can’t keep. Thus…

I’m going to make only the ones that are fun, so it is really easy to fulfill them. Here we go:

  1. Draw more often. Every second day (?). Even a little.
  2. Try to travel more, and always keep a camera in the pocket
  3. Continue regularly practicing that new hobby of mine
  4. Search for new music and visit live-gigs and concerts
  5. Spend more time with friends
  6. Learn to cook tasty stuff (I absolutely cannot cook, but if I start with smoothie, cake, and salad recipes, that should be fun, right?)
  7. Arrange more parties for friends (why not try to show off those new cooking skills?)
  8. And of course some health related activities like learn to eat breakfast, learn to sleep (and really stop hanging out till 2 or 3 and whine every morning how tired you are)
  9. Shop less, prefer quality over quantity and really start wearing more of all those clothes… it seams I wear 20% of my wardrobe. So yes, be more stylish!
  10. Maybe even post some outfits in the blog. I have not really done this, because I am shy about it. But maybe that is one way to be creative too.
  11. Get rid of useless things, clothes, furniture. More space for living. At the moment especially my kitchen table is a disaster, with all the painting attributes.
  12. Finally, go to the doctor to run some thorough tests to find the reason for the regular food allergy. I’m tired of it!
  13. Be nice to parents!
  14. Get a kitten!!!
  15. Let go of the previous disappointments, old habits, old memories, states of being offended. After all, one has to move on. It is such a relief to say out loud that something is SO LAST SEASON or SO 2012!

I am sure there will be more items invented along the way in 2013, so a really good advice is to be open-minded and try new things. But before I move on, for the very last time, I choose consciously  to drown in some memories, own sentimentality and melancholy. The science of feeling lonely. AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER.

a promise.

cary grant





greys 2


mad men

happy 2


kiss 3



kiss 2

kiss 5




virna lisi

roman holiday


kiss 22

in car

in car 2





kiss 4

david downton


kiss 33

  276267758361546624_hatZJUAl_b  at his apartment    david downton 22

sensual 2   wake up

the couple



he turned away

what am i going to do


(no, i don’t own these images, except for one with veil collar. the sources are found in Pinterest on  boards: Gentlemen, Illustrations & An affair to remember)


2 thoughts on “Looking back…

  1. Sorry to hear about your September but happy to hear that things are turning around! AND I can’t wait to hear more about this new hobby of yours! Happy New Year from Spain!

  2. Hi Cat! Happy New Year to you too, thanks for your message! September is so 2012 ;) so it’s forgotten.
    My new hobby is pretty cool, I’m going there tomorrow to practice some more. I have sooo much practicing still to be good at it.. :) and only later I will reveal what it is!

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